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  1. Dito that and maybe a pre-cbs or Fullerton era p bass!
  2. I played a couple at the bass gallery over the years. Always sound and feel spectacular. Think in my mind I always thought I’ll find one used.. never seems to happen!! Plus price have slowly creeped up with inflation over last couple years. Used to be in the £1600-700 range- last I checked gone to £2150-2250 mark. For a handmade instrument I suppose pretty reasonable.
  3. I have a stingray and it is like pulling out a sledgehammer after playing my p bass. I love it but only comes out for certain projects ( usually where the drummer is a heavy handed beast!)
  4. I’ve realised I have a love late 90’s/ early 00’s p’s.. it’s the fatter fender tuners, the deeper neck.. the through body stringing..
  5. I will certainly be holding off until I hear some better news from bass direct regarding selectron before getting any more pjb equipment..
  6. I love my session 77. Love Phil Jones philosophy and the way he comes across on the web. It would be so sad if a third party in this country let him so badly that people stopped supporting, buying or stocking pjb amps or cabinets. To be fair took a while for my session 77 to come in stock because of suprise suprise selectron being crap!! This was bought from bass direct whom seem to be a good stocker of pjb products. Annoying as I would buy some used gear but if hard to service puts me off!!
  7. Are the fundamental differences between all the precision AVRI 57 & 62. An anodised pickguard and a maple neck vs rosewood and a tort pickguard? Does anyone know if pickups vary that much? I’ve seen demos with 62 & 63 pickups comparisons but not 57 to 62. is the comparison tone like Duck Dunn to Jamerson?
  8. They were in that traditional v or n position. Where the e string and g poles are lower than the a and d poles.
  9. Good to know. It almost made me jump off the stool. I mean it was a good honk but seemed like something that needed to be tamed or slightly brought under wraps. As I say it did have roundwounds on.. loved the neck profile. Very comfortable in the hand. Especially for that 5-12 section of the neck..
  10. https://thebassgallery.com/collections/all/products/fender-precision-bass-57-avri and the Squier: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/all/products/squier-jv-precision-bass-1984 i suppose the ‘57 fits my needs for vintage sounding p better. Did have a very loud bark on the treble setting I didn’t love. But sure a nice set up and some flats would get it there!
  11. I Tried a very nice 57 AVRI in gold at the bass gallery today. Very interesting neck. Almost fatter and comfortable around 8-12 fret but slimmer at nut. Anyone know how this compares to a ‘62? also tried a JV Squier. About the same money. The Squier had a lovely thin fretboard and smaller thiner frets. Very much not like the older style pro ii style frets. which would you go for?
  12. Tempted to try and do a deal for the 2017 p bass @ bass direct but they offered me £350 for a MIM jazz bass I paid £700 for @ bass gallery.. I’d been offered £500 for the trade at bass bros. Whom have a very nice 2002 p bass.. decisions decisions attached are the silks on the 2017 p bass @ bass direct
  13. Agreed!! Adding to my worries. Because I would love to know in case one breaks or I want to replicate on a fretted!! there is a lovely p available at bass direct with some flats on them. They have a pale blue silk. Any idea what they might be?
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