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  1. [quote name='evilLordJuju' post='1024861' date='Nov 15 2010, 04:56 PM']Yes, who does?

    I have a couple 1960s Hagstrom 8 strings, and i've had to mix a set of flatwound bass strings with the bottom 4 strings of a flatwound guitar set (rotosound tapewounds)[/quote]

    Well Strings Direct are trying to get a set from Picato - I'll let you know. But what you've done sounds ok ? Why do you prefer flats ? Could you send a photo of your 60's Hagstrom, or is there one on here somewhere ?

  2. [quote name='BigRedX' post='1022914' date='Nov 13 2010, 09:25 PM']Thanks! That doesn't sound too bad.

    I nearly bought a Kramer aluminium neck 8-string about 5 years ago. But the tuning difference between the octave strings and the main ones was simply too painful to stand as I played higher up the neck. These new Hagstroms look really interesting, but I think I would definitely need to try before parting with my cash to make sure that the tuning difference between each string in the course was acceptable all the way up the neck.

    BTW what make of flats have you found for an 8-string? I can't imagine how that would sound - it certainly wouldn't be the effect I'd be going for...[/quote]

    My main bass is a Hofner Club 500 / 2, semi acc, short scale with flats. It sounds just right for me, nice and bassy - woody ?

    The Hag came with, slightly worn, rounds. I am changing them just 'cos I like flats. I ordered flats but they sent rounds by mistake, and I've asked them to change them. But you've got me worried now. How much difference would they make ?

  3. [quote name='BigRedX' post='1022210' date='Nov 13 2010, 09:49 AM']Fantastic! I really like to look of these basses.

    Out of interest how in tune are the strings in each course at the 12th fret? I've always been put off by 8-string basses that don't have intonation adjustment for each string in the course because to my ear they are too out of tune by the time I get past the 7th fret.[/quote]

    The intonation is a bit out on all strings, up to 1.5 cents. And comparing the main strings to the octave strings, there is only up to one cent difference. This is with the roundwound strings it came with - only got it this week. I've ordered a new set of flats, and when fitted I will intonate properly and let ypu know.

  4. Just bought this, and it's lovely. Easy to play, short scale which I like, and sounds good. Our band, which I recently joined, just has one ( very good ) guitar, so on some songs we need a fuller sound, which this bass gives. Surprised they're not more popular.

    I was thinking of changing from roundwound to flatwound, and BigRedX has made me wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Comments please.

  5. [quote name='Conan' post='1021308' date='Nov 12 2010, 12:44 PM']Without going over old ground, is it just a teensy-weensy bit possible that their disappearance coincided with a sudden increase in avatars featuring semi-naked women?

    Naaah. Couldn't be that.[/quote]

    It was meant in the best possible taste.

  6. This Steinberger is in white, in excellent condition, and has been modified.

    I bought this earlier this year, from basschat.

    It has been professionally set up by Joe White, so has a nice low action. I think originally these are passive, but when I bought it, it had been fitted with an Aguillar pre-amp and a stacked pot. I have replaced the pre-amp with a John East SPM, 18 volt, and replaced the stacked pot with two separate ones.

    It has new Status half wound strings.

    There in one mark on it, which is a hole where a screw was once inserted, presumably to hold a strap button. This is on the back, near the neck.

    I bought it to try something different, ie, 5 strings, but don't like the longer 34" scale. My other basses are 30".

    I'm looking for £360. Now reduced to £320. How about a bargain £290 ??

  7. OK, so I have now recovered. Didn't get to sleep 'till around 3, with music going round my head. Woke up at 11 am Sunday.

    I added one song the day before, so total 43. Didn't touch the guitar on Friday or Saturday, as I was still working out the bass lines. There were four I hadn't done, so during the first set, the lead guitarist said 'Substitute' next. I said hold on, what are the chords for that ? The reply - 1, 2, 3, 4 . Got most of it by the end.

    After the first set, I wanted to go home. I was shaking.

    We all made a few mistakes, mainly what's next - verse or chorus, but followed the lead g and was ok. Runs I couldn't remember I just did the base notes.

    But I struggled through it, and I almost enjoyed the last set.

    Looking back it was good. Non-critical audience of around 150, and they enjoyed it.

    A few weeks before the next one, so time to actually practise them.

    All in all, very glad I started again. I'd recommend it to anyone.

  8. So, 30 hours to go. I've worked out most of the songs - 60's covers - beatles, stones, move, kinks, searchers, roy orbison, etc. Now got to learn them and practise them. Assume it's ok to have a music stand, just for reminders?

    I'm sure I used to have skin on my plucking fingers ( yes, plucking ) And I used to be able to feel the fretting ones.

    Any tips on protecting the plucking ones - plasters ?

  9. Hi, I have recently bought a Hohner the Jack bass, with EMG select pick ups. It has an active / passive switch.

    I thought active pups were different to passive ones ? So how does this work ?

    Any suggestions for improving these ems's, as I have heard that they are not that good. But I still want to keep the choice of active / passive.


  10. I'm thinking of building a bass cabinet. Normally cabs have 10" or 12" speakers. 8" speakers aren't listed as bass speakers on Blue Aran. Those that are listed only go down to say 50 Hz, so how do say Markbass get a bass sound from 4 of them in a cabinet ?

  11. The lowest note on a piano is A, at 27.5 Hz. The next A, on a piano, is 55Hz, and is the same frequency as the lowest A on a 4 string bass. This is the same as the lowest A on a double bass as well. The next A on a piano is 110 Hz, and is the lowest A on a guitar.

    I started with a Framus star bass, 30" scale, same as Bill wyman, and now have a Hofner Club, same scale.

    So, same notes, but with shorter strings, the 30" scale has the strings at a lower tension, so more mellow sounding.

  12. [quote name='claudio' post='945230' date='Sep 4 2010, 10:14 AM']Hi Richard,
    The head comes with TC bag but no footswitch, is really brand new, I should be able to post photo later today and i am looking for 600 pounds delivered with original box.
    thanks for your interest.

    OK, I'll have it. PM'd. Richard

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