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  1. Well playing in the 60's when there weren't many groups around was brilliant. Lot's of free love, mild drugs ( not to be recommended of course ) and nothing mattered. Play, get home at 3 am, in a beaten-up transit, and school the next day.

    But maybe that was 'cos I was a bit younger.

    Music from then was good, and still listenable and playable now. But there is a lot of good stuff coming out now. More difficult to play, but maybe that's 'cos I'm a bit older.

  2. Mine is still in really good condition, apart from some crazing to the varnish. Re-wired the pickups and changed the tuning keys at some stage.

    We were called the ' fourteens' ( yuk ! ) and made a demo at the BBC in 1966, and a friend gave me a copy last year. we did 4 songs - Animals etc.

    Used to run our own do's at the local village hall, and played at local colleges and cinemas.

  3. [quote name='obbm' post='816952' date='Apr 24 2010, 08:14 AM']Oh What memories, what memories. Nice one.

    I have a picture of my then band in 1964 plus some more recent ones on my mySpace page.

    Sadly though I no longer have my short-scale Framus Star bass. £45 new I remember from Potters Music Shop in Aldershot. Selling it in 1967 was a serious error of judgement. :)[/quote]

    My Dad gave me mine for my 13th Birthday. Any idea what they're worth now ?

  4. [quote name='redstriper' post='803002' date='Apr 11 2010, 08:18 PM']This is my favourite version it was a top 10 hit for Paul Davidson back in 1976. Tropical records label. AL056.


    That might be the one, but I can't hear the bass on this clip. Where can I get an mp3 of it ?

  5. [quote name='beerdragon' post='802931' date='Apr 11 2010, 07:22 PM']There have been lots of versions of the song. Stephen stills version is a good one with a prominent bass line[/quote]

    Closest so far, thanks, but still not the one i'm after.

  6. [quote name='jezzaboy' post='802947' date='Apr 11 2010, 07:34 PM']Yep, The Allmans did it and Gregg Allman also did it on his solo album, Laid back. It is a bit mellower on the solo album.


    The one i'm after is a bit mellow - I'll try and find that one. thanks

  7. [quote name='Clarky' post='802936' date='Apr 11 2010, 07:23 PM']Erm, the Allman Brothers ... if that doesn't sound sarcy! But thats the one I always think of in respect of this song[/quote]

    No it's not that one, or Bob Seger, buddy miles, Joe Cocker, Juice, Kid Rock or Leanard Skynard. Or Marshall Tucker or Waylon Jennings.

  8. Hi, I've just bought a Source Audio Pro multiwave bass distorsion pedal, but this applies to any pedal I guess.

    It says to connect the bass into the pedal, then the output into the amp. But my amp, a shuttle 6, has an effects loop, in and out. Is it best to use this ? And what's the difference ?

    And when connected ( using the amp in and out ) the volume is much, much, louder when using the effect than when switching it off using the foot switch.

    I've tried twiddling the knobs, but can't get the volumes to match.

    Any suggestions please ( within reason )

  9. Hi, I have recently bought a bass ( from Basschat of course ) with an Aguilar OBP 2 pre amp.

    I understand that it provides more output than a passive, but does it boost the output from the pickups, or does it just boost the tone controls ?

    Also, the wiring diagram shows a stereo jack to switch on the circuit - do I need a stereo jack on a normal mono lead, or do I need a stereo lead ?

    And, I want to change the stacked pot to two separate ones - where's the best place to get them, and decent knobs. Maplin do pots for 80 p, but they can't be much good ?

    Confused. :)

  10. For sale, a pair of PA speakers, and an active sub.

    Pair of Carlsbro Gamma 12 / 250, passive, 250 w each at 8 ohm. ABS casing. Weight - 19 kg each. Cost £329 - sell for £150.

    Carlsbro Gamma 600 w powered sub. ABS casing. Weight - 36 kg. Cost £450 - sell for £200.

    All in good, working condition. Sub used 4 or 5 times, pair used for around 30 hours.

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