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  1. Anyone seen the video of Sparks - Strange Animal. Ron still has the same expression on his face.


  2. [quote name='mybass' post='1092829' date='Jan 17 2011, 05:48 PM']Maybe call these people, they seem to have a load of old stuff, some for sale. Hiwatt 4x12 for over a grand.

    had a chat with Phil Harris. Great bloke, very helpful, and seams to know everything about vintage stuff.

    Thanks for the lead.

  3. I changed the drivers to take more power. I had a TH RH 450 head, which ran the 300 w celestions ok. But when I changed to an Orange Terror 500, they couldn't take the power. 450 to 500 shouldn't make a difference, but it did.

    So I changed one first, and it handled the power no problem. Comparing the two, the eminences are not as loud at the volume setting ( lower SPL ) but to me sound better. So I changed the other.

  4. EDIT - one of the cabs, the PC, is now sold. This leaves the Zoot cab which is getting lonely. The post below has been edited to suit.

    A Purple Chili / Zoot 1 x 12 cab. It has been fitted with an Eminence 3012 LF ( instead of the original celestion ) . These are 450 w each at 8 ohm.

    The cab for sale is the bottom one in the picture.

    Unmarked, and complete with cover.

    Size 20.5 " wide x 19.5" high x 16" deep, and weigh 13 kg.

    Selling for £ 270 including delivery.

    EDIT - I could replace the Eminence with a new, original Celestion BN 12 orange, for the same price. Therefore, it would be as new, with new driver, and unmarked cabinet, with cover, for £270. New these cost £375 each, without the cover, and the Eminence cost £115. .

  5. [quote name='gareth' date='Jan 20 2011, 09:02 PM' post='1096809']
    Will this fit a trace elliot 1518 cabinet?

    I have one with a blown speaker and have been tempted to put a 4ohm unit in it so i can use the cab on its own with my te V6 amp


    I don't know, but it should do. Your cab has a 15" celestion as standard. I've just changed the 12" speakers in my cabs from celestion to eminence, and they fitted ok. If you could get the dimensions of yours, either by measuring or from TE, I could compare them to mine.

  6. For sale, Peavey Millennium 5 string bass, model AC EXP. Approx 4 years old. Excellent condition except for a couple of minor marks in the finish, which should polish out. These are not scratches. There are some scratches on the plastic control cover on the back. Works fine, and sounds good.

    Just looked at the last picture, which seams to show marks on the back of the body. There aren't, it's the photo.

    Here's the specs for it:

    34'' scale (864mm).
    21 frets.
    5-bolt maple neck with rosewood fretboard.
    Basswood body with quilt veneer top.
    Finger bridge with string-thru design.
    Two active VFL™ pickups.
    Volume, blend, bass, mid and treble controls.
    Satin black hardware.

    It is an active bass and takes 2x9 volt batteries.

    Cost around £360 new. Selling for £190, including hard case. Plus delivery.

  7. [quote name='redstriper' post='1092949' date='Jan 17 2011, 07:05 PM']The wisdom Band are a long established reggae band formed in the early 80s in London and it's a great opportunity to join them - I would jump at the chance.

    Their latest single 'Migration Season' is a superb slice of horns driven rockers riddim:

    Discography here:

    I knew they have been around for a while. I've known the singer Wayne ( Marcus ) for a few years, and he's a lovely bloke, and we've played together a few times. But that is the first time I've seen their video. I didn't realise they were that good. And he's asked me to go with them to Jamaica. Not to replace thier bassist, just to join in. Maybe I'll just mime ...

  8. I've had this since the 60's. Condition, well, umm, used. It hasn't been used for at least 40 years.

    It has the original Goodmans 18", Audiom 91 speaker, which still works.

    I know I should state a price, but I've no idea what it is worth. Any ideas ?

    It's about 20" wide x 30" high x 12" deep.

    About the price. I've been offered £100 to £150 by a collector, so I guess £130.

  9. [quote name='headofire' post='1091274' date='Jan 16 2011, 12:35 PM']You might want a bullet proof vest too fella.... :)

    learn bank robber by the clash... white boy reggae is the place to start if your coming from rock.
    Learn the real stuff tho, get some scratch perry in, early sly and robbie, or the wailers live at the rainbow album. All good introductions to the one drop.

    One drop btw is following the bass drum which is usually on the 2 and 4 beats (simplified obviously) where it would normally be on the 1 and 3 in rock and roll.
    Stick on no woman no cry from live at the rainbow. Have a really good listen to whats happening between the bass drum and what Fams plays on the bass. You should float over the groove, note placement is everything!

    good luck![/quote]

    Now that is useful info. Is it always off beat, ie, 2 & 4 ?

    Sly - do you mean Sly & the family stone ? Their stuff is really difficult ( and brilliant ) on say 'if you want me to stay' ?

  10. [quote name='galore' post='1091226' date='Jan 16 2011, 11:48 AM']You have to get some of the best sweet Mary money can buy and smoke at least 4 jints. When you're close to this:


    you're good to play some reggae :)[/quote]

    That's the sort of guide I need. That laugh !!

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