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  1. bought secondhand in 2002. 200 w output with its 15" B W speaker, or 300 w if used with 4 ohm extension cab. Sounds good, and has lots of controls, ie, 8 band equaliser, pre / post gain, patch, etc, and can be bi-amped. Looks tatty. Fitted with side handles 'cos it's heavy.

    Need to sell to pay for the recently purchased Crate head and Epifani cabinet. Realised the previous price was a bit low, so hoping for £170. Still a good price I think, from what was said previously. Can deliver locally, between Basingstoke and London.

  2. Hi, I have just bought Trace Elliot 2 x 10" and 1x 15" cabs, and need a 600 to 800 w head. I like the look of the Genz Benz Shuttle 6. But it doesn't seem to have as many adjustments / knobs as my old Peavey 300 combo, which has pre / post gain, patch in / out, 8 way equalizer, pre- amp in / out, etc.

  3. [quote name='Lylodile' post='440406' date='Mar 20 2009, 04:09 PM']Hi guys. I'm lylodile and i'm 14 from london. I've been playing bass guitar for a year and a bit and I love the instrument. I may learn an upright bass soon too. My favourite style is slapping. My favourite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. :)[/quote]

    Hi, I started playing when my Dad bought me a Framus Star bass when I was 13 ( in 1963 ), played in a band for 6 years, then stopped playing. Started again last year and it's brilliant - wish I'd never stopped. And I'm now still only 14 - hope you're no good at maths. Good Luck with your playing. Rich

  4. [quote name='bobpalt' post='439973' date='Mar 20 2009, 08:06 AM']Hi Richard.

    Mine is the real thing, made in Germany, presumably by hand using better quality materials, and its actually a limited edition model. Its in really good condition, and comes with a superb aluminium "bullet" case, specially fitted for this bass. From memory, I think its list was about £1,250, but you dont see many of them around. It has gold fittings which normal Clubs dont have as well.

    A bump is when you add a message to the thread, which then takes it back to the top of the pile (where more people see it) !


    OK, can I come and see it at the weekend ? please email me on - [email protected] . Or 07590 063603 . Richard

  5. [quote name='bobpalt' post='439880' date='Mar 19 2009, 11:22 PM']It certainly is! I keep playing it sat down, wishing I could play it stood up!


    Bob, there seem to be two current ranges of Hofner basses - the club bass at around £1,100 and the contemporary series at around £400. I assume yours is the more expensive type ? They look similar, but presumably they use diferent wood, pickups, etc ? What condition is yours in? And what is a bump ? Richard

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