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  1. ok, so I've got the terror 500. How should I connect my two speaker cabs ?

    If I use one of the amplifier speaker outputs to the first cabs input socket, and
    then use a second lead to connect from the link socket of the first
    cab to the input socket of the second cab, they are wired in parallel,
    giving a total 4 ohm load.

    Or should I use both speaker outlets, one to each cabinet ?

    What's the difference ?

    And which switch position, 4 or 8 ohms, do I use for each method ?

  2. [quote name='Mog' post='1064454' date='Dec 20 2010, 11:53 AM']Good stuff, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. On the Bugera side of things I have to say I love their guitar heads. I also think the Orange Terror is one of the most lifeless heads I've played through so what do I know :)[/quote]

    Hi Mog. So have I made the right decision ? Have you tried a Nuke ?

  3. [quote name='jonthebass' post='1064509' date='Dec 20 2010, 12:28 PM']Hi Fryer,

    On the speaker changing subject have you checked, either yourself or with an expert, that those P.C. cabs are any good for the 3012LF speaker?

    I ask as I went to put some of the 3015's in a cab and was told don't bother. The analogy I was given was 'It's like putting a Ferrari engine in an old Skoda' i.e. it will work, but not very well at all in that enclosure.


    Hi Jon. Well the pc cab is within the volume limits for the 3012. I still need to compare the 2 before I change the other ( fromn celestion to eminence ) I'll let you know.

  4. [quote name='LukeFRC' post='1063733' date='Dec 19 2010, 05:11 PM']how much power do you need? and what kinda loud? valvey sounds louder than the whatage loud or just massive amounts of solid state watts?
    If valvey... i have a head i've been trying to sell. 600w into 8ohms.... but that wasn't my main suggestion

    otherwise if the seperate pre and power route is a good idea check out krispn's eden amp he's got for sale, and just find a pre amp and bang![/quote]

    Luke, thanks for you suggestion, but I've bought a terror bass 500. Let me know if you're interested in the RH 450 ?

  5. I knew no-one would like the Bugera. Anyway, I bought the terror base 500 yesterday - couldn't wait for the 1000, and probably would have been too much anyway. Only playing pubs, etc. But the new band's lead g has a Marshall full stack. So hopefully I'll be ok.

    I'm using two purple chili 1 x 12 cabs, 300 w each, but I've changed the speaker in one to an eminence 450 w - 3012 LF.

  6. Carlsbro Gamma 12 / 250, passive, 250 w each at 8 ohm. Cost £329 - selling for £140 for the pair. They are the moulded case type, size approx 630 x 330 x 400 and weigh 19kg each.

    Carlsbro 600 w powered sub with 15" speaker. Cost £450 - selling for £190. Again, moulded case type, and weighs 36kg.

    Used condition, with a few minor marks, but working perfectly.

  7. [quote name='chris_b' post='1039746' date='Nov 28 2010, 11:25 AM']+1

    What don't you like about the PC cabs?

    I don't know if the replacements will sound any good, but I think you are making things difficult by choosing 2 different speakers. It seems to me that 2 the same would be the best option after Jon's suggestion.[/quote]

    Well I could use 2 of the Eminence 3012 LF's, one in each cab, but they only go up to 2 k Hz.

  8. [quote name='jonthebass' post='1039719' date='Nov 28 2010, 11:01 AM']Hi Richard,
    I know this may not be what you're thinking but I would suggest you sell the P.C. cabs and buy 1 or 2 that will do what you want...
    What about the Barefaced Big Baby?

    It would potentially save a lot of headaches.


    I did look at the Barefaced cabs, but, sorry Alex, I wasn't impressed with the finish. This would give a similar configuration, but in two separate cabs.

  9. Hi, I would like some help please.

    I have a TC RH450 head - 450 w at 4 ohm. I have bought two purple chili 1 x 12 cabs, which have Celestion 12" 300 w speakers.

    I want to upgrade these and was thinking of putting an Eminence 3012 LF, 450 w, in one cab, and a Beyma 605 ND, 125 w, in the other. They are both 8 ohms.

    I would seal the ports on the Beyma cab.

    The RH only has one speaker outlet, so you wire to one cab, then to the other.

    So if I took the output to the Eminence cab first, would I need a crossover or something to restrict the wattage to the Beyma ?


  10. For sale is my TC Electronics RH 450 Head. New in May this year, and used for one gig and a few practises. Footswitch new in September, and unused.

    Apparently it does everything regarding setting tones, but I haven't really tried it. The on-board tuner is excellent.

    Price new is £985 from Bass Direct, and details as ; -


    Includes Head, footswitch, bag and original packaging, manual, etc.

    Selling for £660.

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