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  1. I've just returned from a very pleasant trip to South Wales. Bought Marc's Fretless Jazz. Really enjoyed meeting @Marc Sand felt we could have chatted all day. The bass is exactly as described and the experience couldn't have been better. Great communication and a very good experience all round. Thank you again Marc. Really good to meet you.
  2. Lovely looking bass. Are there fret markers on the side of the neck?
  3. Another happy customer here. Bought my second loom from John in 2 weeks. Really helpful and great to deal with. Top quality components and easy to fit. Thanks again John, much appreciated.
  4. Hello, I was checking out a few p bass pickup reviews today and came across this guy. I've never seen a muting technique like this before - I wondered if any of you utilise this "thumb under the strings" technique? It looks odd but I would imagine it is pretty effective at killing unwanted noise. Where's my bass - I'm going to give it a go!
  5. Just transplanted my first @KiOgon Loom - I have no doubt it won't be my last. Great to deal with and top quality. Arrived really quickly too. Love the solderless connections- dropped in really easily. Many thanks John.
  6. Thanks Paul - I knew it would be straightforward. It's been a long hot week! Yes I had to widen the holes on my pickguard to get the new pots in but it was no bother and well worth it.
  7. Woof! I covet that bass! 66 is my birth year and a 66P is right at the top of my Bucket list. It is a thing of beauty. I can only imagine how it sounds. Pass me a swatch of kitchen roll - I'm drooling. 😬
  8. I've now installed a KiOgon loom - went in nice and easy and I really liked the solderless option. I guess I am now one of those "Happy Basschatters" that are enjoying KiOgon's handiwork. I would join you in recommending him. Great to deal with and really quick response. I would copy him in if I could work out how todo the "@" function! Happy days! my crackly pots and dodgy jack are a thing of the past! Thanks to everyone for their sage advice. ☺️
  9. Thanks for this Bassassin - I'll take a look. Much appreciated. πŸ‘
  10. Thanks - that's helpful. Could be worth a shot.
  11. Thanks RB 😊 Yes it looks and feels great - Just need to fix the sound!
  12. Hello I picked up this Antoria P Bass a while ago. Having tinkered around a bit it is now set up nicely. Great slim neck that plays really well. For a budget P Bass clone I'm impressed. I'll probably upgrade the tuners at some point but my main issue is the pickup. I'm assuming its a Maxon pickup (?) but it's not sounding great. Age may have got the better of it. I thought I would tap in to the formidable Hive brain of Basschat for some advice. Would it be worth getting a rewind / repot of the pickup, or could anyone suggest a quality replacement that wouldn't entail routing out the pickup cavity? If I did go down the replacement route, I would need something the same size as the original (approx 7cms X 3cms). I will be upgrading the wiring harness too. Basically any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance 😊
  13. Thanks for the welcome GB. Another Leicestershire Bass Player - must be something in the water - or maybe something about the relaxed, non showy culture over here! 🀣
  14. πŸ˜‚ Lovely turn of phrase GB and spot on!
  15. Nice part of the world, and not too far from me at all. Thanks for the welcome πŸ˜€
  16. Thanks for the welcome BB - Glad I'm not the only Bass Player in the village!
  17. I have to agree. The VS4 is really well made and plays really well - but I can't get on with the pickups - too harsh and metallic. I've tried several string sets, lowered the pups a bit, but I'm now considering a pickup and pots swap - the Aguilar is a good shout.
  18. Erm, let me have a think about that thanks but no! 😜
  19. Maybe a long lost one three times removed! I probably would have chosen a different screen name if I had known. He must be the James Jamerson version.
  20. Now that looks like a bass you would want to grab and play to bits. Nice work!
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