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  1. Well spotted...Great to see him playing the bass ...back in the 70s...when I was a wee lad
  2. Just realized this is a Zombie thread 2 years old...haha
  3. Thank you so much for the picture. I was starting to get frustrated....and that sneak peek is gorgeous!!
  4. I really wanted one until I realized the body was still the downsized version.... Yours looks beautiful.... But I want everything and the bigger body shape also 👍😎
  5. Earl Grey...Bleh!!! A CRIME AGAINST TEA! Now Hobnobs on the other hand....well...That's good dunking! 😂
  6. Dead or alive..You're coming with me Your Move, Creep
  7. Tort and Flats Precision of course
  8. Well...Now we are back in the giant servers of Talkbass, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all you wonderful people in Bass Chat for a lovely stay...Toasty crumpets and lashings of hot tea. You have all been so gracious and hospitable. It has been great fun hanging out and getting to know some of you. 👍😎 Cheers
  9. Actually I just started writing a Big Thank you to making us TBers feel so welcome here
  10. Beautiful playing...So COOOOL I have the same pickups in my AM STD Jazz 5ver and they do sound fantastic.
  11. That was where I got my Prince..Appolonia vibe
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