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  1. Just so you know...I am pretty sure my old 78 Stingray mutes...which were missing.....But the bridge is shaped to raise from the body where the inserts go..and had threaded inserts for the thumb screws...without damaging the body.....I would just leave your screwed down, as it looks so authentic,,,,Now I believe there is some way to achieve the hex screw bolts on the bridge sides Anyway....i LOVE what you did,,,and must say I am envious
  2. Well spotted...Great to see him playing the bass ...back in the 70s...when I was a wee lad
  3. Just realized this is a Zombie thread 2 years old...haha
  4. Thank you so much for the picture. I was starting to get frustrated....and that sneak peek is gorgeous!!
  5. I really wanted one until I realized the body was still the downsized version.... Yours looks beautiful.... But I want everything and the bigger body shape also 👍😎
  6. Earl Grey...Bleh!!! A CRIME AGAINST TEA! Now Hobnobs on the other hand....well...That's good dunking! 😂
  7. Dead or alive..You're coming with me Your Move, Creep
  8. Tort and Flats Precision of course
  9. Well...Now we are back in the giant servers of Talkbass, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all you wonderful people in Bass Chat for a lovely stay...Toasty crumpets and lashings of hot tea. You have all been so gracious and hospitable. It has been great fun hanging out and getting to know some of you. 👍😎 Cheers
  10. Actually I just started writing a Big Thank you to making us TBers feel so welcome here
  11. Beautiful playing...So COOOOL I have the same pickups in my AM STD Jazz 5ver and they do sound fantastic.
  12. That was where I got my Prince..Appolonia vibe
  13. I watched this concert a few weeks ago...Austin City Limits...
  14. It probably is just that pickguard having the Pickup hole cut a bit off... Probably fine with original Bridge pickup should be a little longer than neck pickup... Only time they were each the same size was on those early Made In Mexico Jazz basses...Circa 1990s
  15. I am very surprised this is an issue on a modern..relatively...Fender Jazz US.. It would drive me crazy also....No excuse with CNC cutting ...and Quality control...HA!!!
  16. Yes...I watched it too....and it was funny seeing Justin...after first getting into him with Beck...Odelay...Phoenix festival live in 1996.. the SEx pIStoLs headlined and I got to see them the next year in Toronto... Anyway JMJ looked the same as ever and is a contributor on Talkbass also... St Vincent...That is a cool gig for him....she seems like the new Prince to me
  17. It is a tone I enjoy very much on my Precision...and very simple to achieve . ALTHOUGH...I would personally clean up my technique....hahaha 😅
  18. I forgot "to Hoover" is the English term for to Vacuum! Maintenance unplugged the server whilst vacuuming ....Haha.....Just so Americans could understand
  19. Hahaha....Every bass of mine has Tort on right now.....I do love me some Tort....and TI Flats 👍
  20. Hi Phil...Thanks for the lovely read up on your career. It freaked me out...as you have lived the exact mirror of my life!!!.................... If my dreams had come true...lol😅 Wonderful to see someone who has lived the dream and remained so humble. I am very fortunate with the opportunities I have had and experiences I have got to play in...so small in comparison.....But I am grateful Greetings from Toronto
  21. There you go again...putting your mark all over it 😁
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