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  1. Mmmmmm, if the Smith market is good, might be time to move on my gorgeous BSR5GN. :-)
  2. If you're looking to upgrade to a super duper bass let me know. I have a gorgeous ken smith 5, value £2.5k, your bass plus £1k would do it :-) :-)
  3. Please forgive my ignorance but can you give me an idea of the neck profile please ? I've only played one AC Pbass before - a 4 string - and thought the neck quite "traditional" which is period correct but I wasn't keen as it was too chunky for me. Thanks and GLWTS. :-)
  4. Hi matey, if you don't sell, I'm still interested in the deal we discussed with my Smith ?? Let me know. Let's do it :-) :-)
  5. Can I just say, I'm in the process of thinking about selling my much beloved Ken Smith 5er. If I do, and this hasn't gone, you're arm will be snap-ped off from the shoulder downeth :-) :-)
  6. I have a gorgeous quilted maple Ken Smith Bsr5gn if you ever get round to thinking trades :-)
  7. That's the cab I long for right there, but I need to sell my Aggie DB112 cabs first :-(
  8. Bizarely I have two DB112's minty fresh with covers. Let me look into your cabs and I'll get back to you. Might be looking for a wee bit of cash though as I was hoping to get £800 for mine, but maybe we could work something out re courier costs or somefink. Will PM you later when I've had a wee look at the cabs online ;-) all the best Stewart
  9. Am I gonna have to shout - ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TRADES !!! Just joshing about shouting, but would really like to know :-) :-)
  10. Good much ?? What the hell was in that earl grey ??? GOOD LUCK of course :-) P.s yes I know, bergamot. Clever trousers !!!
  11. No worries !! Good much, cracking kit :-) Have a bump :-)
  12. Really really really no trades ??
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