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  1. This bass is now sold please remove, thanks.
  2. Reduced from £120 to £80 final offer.
  3. For sale is my beautiful Xavier Jacquet circa 1860. I bought this bass from a respected orchestral freelancer Louis Garson over ten years ago and it has served me extremely well as my first instrument, playing in orchestras such as the RPO as well as acclaimed West End shows and recordings. It is not your typical French instrument in so much as that it has a particularly rich arco sound and singing tone. No word of a lie and testament to it, I sold my Hawkes Concert at the time to pay for it. It destroyed the Hawkes in terms of playability, expression and tone. The bass has needed very little in the way of work over the years - just some tweaking here and there by Roger Dawson and Laurence Dixon. It is in excellent shape structurally and no obvious war wounds (the ribs are particularly fine) except a scar at the bottom of the back which has been repaired many years ago - see second photo. It is fitted with a Roger Dawson C Extension and has the original tuners etc. The bass is unlabelled, but I played a gig with Tom Martin last year and he was insistent that it was a Xavier, not just 'the Jacquet school'. I am happy to have it formally appraised and attributed by him if necessary, although Laurence Dixon has already valued this bass at £18,000. It has the double purfling and other indicators of a superior French instrument, and is certainly the most attractive French bass I have seen. I have priced it to sell and these basses are way undervalued in this country. See a link below for the same bass (in far poorer condition) from a US dealer priced at $37,500! https://basscellar.com/product/xavier-jacquet-france/ Reason for sale is that I have bought a beast of a 5 string, a typical German orchestral warhorse and I'm now looking to go exclusively down the 5 string route. Please feel free to message me with any questions or if you would like additional photos. The bass is in SE London.
  4. I am selling a set of Flexocor 92s GDAE which came on a very fine German 5 string I bought recently (and as such, are unboxed). As far as I can tell, they look and sound like they were newly put on prior to the bass going on sale. These strings superceded the 'Originals' but are now branded simply as 'Flexocore'. They are beautifully made and I would say more suitable for orchestral use but have a great fundamental pizz and jazzers have been known to use them. I can't honestly say whether they are medium or starks but they are not overly tight so I would presume the former. Thomann are selling them for £222 new and as they have had very little use and are essentially as new, I would be happy with £80. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Email at [email protected] would be easier. Keep well all!
  5. Sorry, for sale only but open to offers!
  6. Too dear? I'll drop it to £80 Inc postage.
  7. Only used for the end of Defying Gravity on the original Wicked UK tour for three months. Still with wrapping, box etc. Price includes signed for postage. Please feel free to message me with any questions.
  8. I might be willing to drop it down to £80. It really is like new!
  9. This bass is still available but would prefer to post within UK only, sorry.
  10. Hi Niels, I have now given first refusal to a guy who will be trying it tomorrow and I will let you know the outcome. If he doesn't want it for any reason, sure, I can ship it to Denmark.
  11. I am selling my Realist double bass pickup which I originally bought as a backup for my Ehrlund. In the five or six years since I bought it new, I honestly think I used it once just out of curiosity! Being a predominantly classical player, the Ehrlund has always been the easier option for me (for taking on and off!) I'm asking for £90 including postage. Do please feel free to message me with any questions!
  12. I am selling my excellent Gary Willis GWB105 which is the rare Korean made model with the Bartolini pickups/electronics and ash body. I bought this bass several years ago from a seller on this site and have kept it in the same pristine condition. I had a neck reshoot from The Gallery to make it super smooth and used it on the original Wicked UK tour. I have since kept it knowing that I could probably never replace it, but it's gathering dust now and I have childcare bills! There are no dings or scratches on the body (nothing I can photograph anyway). If you look very carefully, there are perhaps one or two tiny indentations on the body but the condition really is like new. There are minor scratches on the Ebonol fingerboard which is perfectly normal on a fretless and they say, improves the sound but again, they don't really come up on photos. You might want to change the Elixir strings but personally, I like them to be a bit on the turn on a fretless! This bass has probably appreciated as I saw one online go for over £1000 but I am asking for what I originally paid for it which was £600. I will also include some Schaller straplocks, a strap and the original strap buttons. I am based in SE London and would prefer not to post but will do it at cost anywhere in the UK and at the buyers risk. It will be carefully packed and the hard case is pretty strong! I will miss this bass as its definitely got that fretless sound and it is also very light. I have attached photos (please note the mark on the back plate on the second photo is actually the protective film which I never took off). Specs below. Do please feel free to contact me with any questions! WEIGHT: 8 lbs. 9 ozs. SERIAL #: 05070006 NUT WIDTH: 1 3/4" SCALE: 34" COLOR: Satin Natural BODY/NECK/FINGERBOARD: Ash/ Maple/ Phenolic PICKUPS/ELECTRONICS: Bartolini Humbucker/ 9V Bartolini NTBT EQ, Vol. w/ Push-Pull EQ Defeat, Stacked Bass-Treble, CONDITION: Near immaculate CASE: Hard case in excellent condition included with original instruction manual etc.
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