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  1. It's a I am back from holiday so guess it's time for a bump, bump
  2. Gone to a good home, sold to Burg. Cheers for everyones interest.
  3. Last chance saloon before going onto eBay. Don't make me do it! Deserves a good home.
  4. Er, I don't know there wasn't enough writing to go through. Must get more info.
  5. On hold for a tentative purchase.... And back again after two timewasters.... Grrrrr!
  6. And she is back after a timewaster.... Grrrrr, anyway. must go soon or onto eBay, don't make me do it!
  7. Another cheeky Friday bump... Getting closer to eBay...
  8. End of month bump for this 3/4 lengther... You know what they say about men with small hands? Nope, me neither.
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