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  1. I havent been playing bass that long but for me it's both. Slower songs generally fingers and pick for anything that my fingers cant keep up with. But it depends on the style of music as well.
  2. I can def second your thoughts on this! It's an always on pedal for me with a touch of OD as you say to warm the tone up. Not a very common one to pick up either now it seems.
  3. Also in Japan it's common practice for brokers not to stock the actual instruments. They post and price listings based on what they can purchase within Asia. I watched a program about it last year, cant remember what the program was though! 🙄
  4. That bass looks like the one discussed here; https://www.talkbass.com/threads/help-identifying-a-mystery-bass-brand-please.1444645/?amp=1579989822
  5. Wake up little Susie - everly brothers
  6. For me its paranoid and some classical pieces.
  7. Thanks for the info. I have decided to keep the scale length. It will be a straight conversion at this point to see how I and it fairs! So far the new bridge, nut and tuners have arrived and I've deconstructed the cheap guitar and started sanding the body. The nut has been sanded to give it tight fit. All in all its started. I will post some pics this weekend! I promise.
  8. Peaches - Presidents of the USA Electric 6 for a good laugh! James - laid Beastie boys - sabotage or you've gotten fight Tooooo many choices!! Oh and Faith no more - epic
  9. I'm only wee so I've lived a life of downsizing 😂
  10. I may or may not have long hair in the early 90s. Post the hair spray time! 😂 I shall endeavour to visualise my inner Dave Effefson when it arrives !
  11. Make me a mix tape by the promise ring
  12. What's the going rate for a kidney these days? I mean mine would be considered well used 😂. I've just completed my shopping list with a new bass that should arrive friday. A good deal I couldn't pass up. Plus all the bits for my conversion. So as for my list it's currently empty but I doubt it will stay that way ! And the bank balance, if I dont look at it does that count as having enough ?
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