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  1. I currently have a ltd ibanez rg331m in a bright yellow colour
  2. Hello thank you very much for the offer and the amp looks like what I'm looking for but I will need to wait for my gear to sell or wait a few months and I will have the money. If your amp is still available when I have the cash I will get In touch
  3. Here is a pic of my current amp
  4. Hi I'm just looking for a combo with around 300 watts that is easy to move about. I'm currently using an 80s peavey 75 watt bass amp which is very heavy.
  5. Hello, I am thinking about upgrading my amp in a few months. My budget is around 350 and I am probably looking for a decent second hand amp, does anyone have any suggestions ?
  6. Overall ibanez make great guitars and basses with the odd bad ones
  7. Is it ? I found mine on Facebook for £235 which is pretty unbeatable
  8. Yh the neck is amazing and I got a good deal. I've heard the gsr200 is a great bass for the price
  9. I have the same bass in black
  10. 😂 one of them has been sold now just wanted to get them all in before I started selling
  11. Here are my 80s westones the thunder 1a fretless and the st spectrum
  12. Feel free to follow my youtube channel im only 15 so im not great but i try my best 🤷‍♀️
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