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  1. ...........and gone. Sold to Stealth, top fella........Thanks Simon, i know you'll be very happy together. Sorry you didn't have time to sample one of my speciality Tassimo coffee's...and big thanks for the compliments on the track i played you, it's always nice when someone outside the normal loop gives a thumbs up to what i spend most of my life doing 🤘 All the best
  2. Ok.....I'd rather this stunning instrument go to a loving Magpie-esque BC member than the dreaded alternative.... so i'm lowering the already bargainous price by another 50quid. Now £550 which is £100 less than i paid for it in March......What else can i do! If the bass playing community is still suffering from the severe effects of bargain repellent it'll go in a case and a wardrobe....
  3. Had some genuine interest in this but as yet nothing concrete. Fantastic condition as pics show. £650 ovno. No trades. Cheers JT
  4. Yeah, USA pickups and the renown Lakland neck...... The Jazz bass Fender couldn't make!!
  5. Yeah, thanks for that i'm unsuccessfully trying to convert them at the moment. All done now!!
  6. Lakland 44-60 Skyline limited edition in Trans White 2011. Ash body, Rosewood fingerboard, 9 pounds 2oz. Gorgeous finish, impulse buy in March getting relatively little use. Lovely jazz bass, plays beautifully, the previous owner had it set up very nicely by John Diggins in the new year so i haven't had to touch it. Postage not really an option. Can deliver within an hour of Worcester or a meet half way to you if you're an hour further out. £650 Cheers
  7. Someone should grab this a bit sharpish.....This is a bargain. Cracking basses these. Scratchplate similar to general inter-brand jazz but hole centres differ, namely the one adjacent to the neck pickup. Good luck
  8. Exactly. This is where peoples perception of what is and isn't acceptable becomes clouded by a persons position and level of success.
  9. A shock indeed.....Big loss to F1 but most of all to his family and the people who loved him. R.I.P sir.
  10. I'm afraid Tal's killing me too. I so wanted to like her venture fronting her own band but i find her voice irritating at times. Her Alanis Morisette similarities are evident as are the late Dolores O’Riordan influences, frankly she doesn't have the melodic pallette which shows in her sometimes vague and aimless melodies. Fair play to her for having a crack on her own and i get why....she is undeniably an awesome bass player and musician and as said in earlier posts her stuff with Jeff Beck and Vinnie Colaiuta is excellent.
  11. A heartfelt tribute to a well liked fella...Never had the pleasure of meeting him or chatting here as many of you did. RIP Colin.
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