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  1. John T

    Vulfpeck. Running Away.

    Vulfpeck, off the wall, wacky and brilliant.
  2. On giving more thought to why i am actually selling the Sandberg it's really for all the wrong reasons.....thinking that i'll replace it for something equally as good for less outlay is pretty pointless. In relative terms i simply won't get an instrument of the same quality without having to shell out much more which really isn't the objective. I foolishly sold a brilliant Lakland this year that i loved which i still regret and feel i would regret moving the Berg on too also.... So this is more about what i would lose if i did let it go....It's a joy to play and it covers pretty much everything. I am always pleased with what it delivers for my solo projects in the studio. Thanks for all your offers/trade options. Sale retracted. Regards John
  3. John T

    Incognito Jazz Funk.

    Great band, and like The Brand new Heavies have carved out their place in the genre.
  4. Thanks for posting this.....Great to hear it again.....I was an 18 year old drummer at the time but loved the bassline as i did pretty much every funky bassline from the era. This tune set the clubs on fire, in particular for me, The Durham Ox Grantham, The Painted lady on the Melton/Leicester road, The Barn in Hockley Heath [revolving stainless steel dance floor with huge glitter ball hanging over it...If you wasn't 'getting down' yourself it was a great vantage point to scan the chics in the whole room] and another old haunt, Millionaires in B'ham city centre. The music was the scene.....Great days indeed!
  5. John T

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    My last on this thread otherwise i just won't stop....So many great sounding basses on this popular subject i could go on for weeks!!. The late Mike Starr with Alice in Chains..... The Spector NS2 just sounds ridiculously good, in fact the whole track is recorded so well. Crank this up from the first note🤘 Oh yeah and this from Mike Inez/Warwick streamer and a cranked sansamp di.....
  6. John T

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    For me moving pictures was probably the best era for Geddy's bass tone, in particular his 72 jazz used on Tom Sawyer....I do have a slightly biased opinion as i think Moving Pictures in it's day was in terms of production, song writing and musicianship a perfect illustration and showcase of the bands evolution and the end of that creative phase...Still holds up today, subjective i know but as close to a perfect recording as could be.
  7. John T

    There is hope!

    That's awesome, the healing power of music is like nothing else.
  8. John T

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    About time this had a mention!....Classic Jazz vibe and to me a benchmark which guys have strived to emulate since. Then there's this fella......Some nice tones from the breakdown on......
  9. John T

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    Heres the live version sounding just as good with the late Ricky Lawson, what a rhythm section...That's one tight pocket! RIP - Ricky Lawson RIP - Cornelius Bumpus RIP - Walter Becker
  10. John T

    FS ONLY Lakland 55-94 deluxe

    Absolutely stunning. Good luck with the sale, you shouldn't have any problem moving this.
  11. John T

    Goodfoot - The One (live session)

    Tight band, fair play!....Some lovely touches in that bass break, great tone too. I detect a slight Stuart Zender vibe which can't be bad!
  12. John T

    Firewire or USB?

    Yeah, the ZED R16 is a Cracking desk, brilliant pre's and EQ. Used mine daily without any problems.
  13. John T

    Firewire or USB?

    So it seems more people are still using FW than i'd imagined.....I guess the old adage 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' applies.
  14. Thanks Karl and i agree entirely with that comment......The only other bass iv'e played/owned that comes close to my Sandberg was a Lakland DJ4 which i blindly sold, a decision iv'e regretted since. Best of luck with your Status. Cheers
  15. John T

    Status Retro Active Jazz bass

    Ah, thanks for that👍