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  1. John T


    Priced to sell though it isn't getting much interest. Thanks for that....Yeah, i feel it's a bargain.
  2. I have this lovely Pearl White metallic arch top Soloist sat doing nothing, used once since October. New D'addario EXL116 Nickel wound med top/heavy bottom 11-14-18-30-42-52. EMG 81/85 Floyd Rose set up and tuned down to drop C. Lovely guitar has slight buckle rash other than that it's in great condition. I'm not a guitar player so it really isn't getting any use. £265 ono. Sorry no case so collection only though i can deliver within 50 miles of Worcester if this helps.
  3. John T


    Cheers....Me too dude, i'd keep it!
  4. John T


    Thanks, it is indeed. Has mini switch to split the bridge pick up too.
  5. No longer required so up for grabs.....finally realised 5 strings just aren't my thing! so staying with 4's. Great solid bass this and although the name pigeon holes it as a rock/metal axe it is pretty versatile, though i do use it for rock simply for anything below drop D. Only used once in 6 months for a drop C recording, sounds pretty awesome. Lovely condition. Truss rod good and has a nice med/low action. Swamp Ash body, 34" scale, 45mm nut. Ebony finger board with dot inlays and Maple neck. Wilkinson bridge, USA EMG pick ups, 3-band eq, chrome hardware and ESP vintage tuners. No case, sorry. £275 posted and well packed in a cardboard guitar box or you can collect should you wish @£250. I can deliver free within a 50 mile radius of Worcester if that helps. I would prefer the latter 2 options to ensure you receive it in the same condition it is now. I'm not suggesting it'll get thrown about by the carrier but you can never tell how things are treated once out of sight. Should you be interested check out my Jackson Soloist for sale here -
  6. There were 9 available on Monday, 4 available after i'd bought mine on Thursday and sold out by Friday evening! I now wish i'd bought two!
  7. John T

    This is very sad, but...........

    You will do soon enough!
  8. That's a completely different conversation.
  9. John T


    A bit of a niche market item.....Same concept as the P&D bum chum, tried it when it came out and thought it was ok until i was told the price!... In this age of technological breakthrough's, I use my ears to hear something.
  10. John T

    It's Bass O'Clock

    I use in ears quite a bit when i want to play bass....Something i always did as a drummer so i'm probably used to it and actually like the closed in feeling.
  11. John T

    It's Bass O'Clock

    Iv'e been caught out!!
  12. She seems to be suffering from a bad case of 'look at me aren't i wonderful'..... Yeah, well done lass, you can play something you had no part in writing, great.... Though that's a completely different conversation.
  13. They're all hustlers, cover vids i mean....All about hits/views.
  14. John T

    It's Bass O'Clock

    Love trems personally, great when set up..... Normally i play every day but as Christmas is my busiest time re- work i haven't picked up a bass in nearly a week!