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  1. Hi everyone and i wish a happy new year to all! I found a Fender jazz bass in an ad and I am interested. The seller writes that it's a US JB the Deluxe model from '04. And that it's passive only with extremely vintage sound. I googled but didn't find a model like that, as all the Deluxes from 2004 are active-passive. The bass also has blocks in the fretboard, but in my search didn't find any photo of 2004 Deluxes with blocks. Any thoughts? *I attach 2 photos of the bass from the ad Thanks!
  2. Hi all. A guy offered me for trade a mexican Fender PJ Deluxe from the late 90s. In red colour. I can't find serious info online. Any thoughts about the sound, built quality, trade value??? Thanks
  3. Hi, guys. This is my Classic 50s P bass. Monster sound. Nickname: Stalin.
  4. Massive price drop 700 GBP (plus shipping cost) Hi, everyone! It is the vintage version (1983) of SB-2 with slab body and the original headstock before the Fender lawsuit. The bass was made in the legendary Fender factory in Fullerton California. The bass is in its original condition and of course works flawlessly. Very low action. Amazing neck with slight flame. Very easy to play, C shape, 40mm nut width. Only 2-3 small scratches on the body that you 'll see in the photos. I would describe the sound as a mixture of Precision (Neck PU) and Stingray (Bridge PU), with a warmer sound when both pickups are used. Definitely more flesh and output than conventional Jazz Bass PUs, it's always in the mix! It comes packed like a tank in an almost new soft gig bag. Thanks. Trades: Vintage sounding Jazz bass or Mustang. I need growling on the neck pickup (for jazzes). I don't care about the weight. Heavier means better sound... Thanks again
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