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  1. I don't play fretless & I don't play 6 but what a beautiful looking bass. It's gotta suit someone & I'm sure they will love it.
  2. Cheers appreciate your time & advice. I nearly went for a berg but it was the aged thing which I struggle to get, but I know if I get one I will still hanker for a Ray. So I have a loose plan get a Ray, I don't think I can go wrong there & then secretly save some dosh & then configure my own berg on their site. Oh yeah & grow a pair so I can tell the other half.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, (that goes to everyone who has posted here). I used to go for modern ish looking basses (hence the Warwick) but changed a few years ago to preferring more classic styles, i bought a SBMM SUB & the Warwick hardly got a look in after that (£299 vs £2200 when new) just felt better & was better when jamming in the studio apart from the HOT pick up issue. So I decided to get a proper one & they look very cool IMHO. And the sound of course. Oddly I know there are many Fender P & J aficionados but I just don't gyrate to them (not played one tho) but to me I need a bass I want to pick up first, I dunno for Fender I think Ford a lot fo dough for standard stuff. I'm not F bashing BTW just explaining my thought process & I may well be wrong. I tried a Sandberg the other day & that's put the cat amongst the pigeons, really nice feeling, sounding, playing & built bass. But I still think I need to get the Ray outta my system (or keep it in there)
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I nearly pulled the trigger on the Ray (it's actually the 2 pick up model) which I reckon I prefer, but I think what' holding me back is that it' a maple board & I think I prefer rosewood. I say think a lot as I'm not fully sure (lack of bass buying experience) I reckon the dargie is out as I like the green but not the inlays and as NJE says a bit marmite & I really can' see the point just cos it' a different colour why pay more. I like the 25th, gives a range of sounds plays nice and I think it looks sweet, but it's £500 more than the Ray. Also it''s pretty rare. I haven' played the Ray BTW it' an eBay job. Also I've been playing on & off at home for a few years now & been going to the studio with some buds for jam sessions now & then,. I fancy joining a band & but unsure about turning up with a flash bass and people thinking who' this tosser all the gear & no idea. I know it sounds naff but it' in my mind. Cheers
  5. Hi All, new to the site & was looking for some advice. I'm considering buying a either a Stingray (natural 2013 3eq) or a Stingray (Dargie 2007 3 eq) or a 25th anniversary (reflex I think with the venetian red top) all single H. Just wanted to get thoughts as I'm selling my warwick streamer jazzman & love playing the musicmans & the dargie & 25th are obviously more as they are Ltd editions. But are they worth it, if so which is best & will they sell ok in the future if I need to (don't wanna be stuck) or is it best to get a std Ray??? Cheers for any advice.
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