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  1. yep - new blade every cab the "leatherette" came from Dunelm - think it was £10 per metre went in for black and came out with red. I think it'll look ok Hopefully i'll get time to finish it this weekend ☺️
  2. My scrap wood challenge cab is having a change of appearance Spray glue and some red leatherette covering Stainless grille Covering is an art for sure, but it's quite enjoyable (apart from when you start 180 degress out, so you find that your join will be on the top face rather than the bottom as planned - taking it off and re-applying was fun... not)
  3. Cheers mate We will cross paths again for sure 😊
  4. Quick update Played through both my scrap ply cabs at the weekend Loud glam rock band (heavy drummer) Social Club environment - room probably 25m x 25m ish. Quite a low ceiling. Coped admirably with my TC BH550. A little bit of compression and very little twiddling of the volume control Again, droppped lows and low/mids a little on the EQ Still can't believe the bass output from 10" drivers in 30l cabs Top cab with tweeter on, bottom with tweeter off Had been a bit peeved about the lack of brightness, but thought it was just me... Changed my strings yesterday (owned the bass 10+ years and never changed them 😲) BINGO! Clear as a bell Still wondering what to do grille wise. I like the silver fabric grille, but i don't think it affords the protection the drivers need. If you're still umming and aaahing about having a go... DO IT! Once again thanks to all contributors 👍
  5. this is a little off topic, but.... When tuning a round port, I can do the rice/frequency generator test and trim the overall length to suit what I need When buidling a shelf ported cab, is there a trick to tuning? I could see adjusting the shelf to suit being a bit of a pain with a built cab (apart from building a prototype first and hacking it about a bit )
  6. I made a picture frame style surround and I bought the grille cloth from eBay about 3 years ago I'm just waiting for my piping to turn up to finish it off
  7. I've kept my options open on the second one
  8. Hi De Hi Second cab took shape today Removable baffle this time Fun! 😁
  9. True - there's not much to it is there?
  10. If only we could develop this into a tiny flatpack kit You can get 3 cabs from a sheet. I will have to see if there are any CNC wood machinists near me (Norfolk)
  11. long thread warning.. Hello All First outing with the scrap ply cab last night I loaded the car and looked at this little black box in the corner of my boot and though “I don’t think I’m going to have enough grunt tonight” I play in a Glam band with 2 excellent guitarists who really like to noodle and a solid drummer The cab was plonked on the floor (in landscape mode if that makes sense) and hooked up to my TC BH550. I tilted the cab back very slightly with a high tech lump of wood No pedals – just a lead and a classic vibe precision. A tad of compression on the amp. Low bass turned down a bit to avoid pummelling the pulse 10. Mids and top enhanced a tad I tried it out whilst others were setting up and thought “Blimey - I might just get away with this” Began rehearsing and I got a little lost in the mix. Turned up a little between songs and I was there. I sat right in the mix with a smile on my face. I usually use 2 x 50L cabs with Beyma SM212’s. We rehearse in a steel stockholders, so it’s quite ringy and boomy. The 212’s used to sound very muddy (but sound great outdoors or in a dead room). I think the band used to play louder because of this boom With the new cab, we played a bit quieter (lovely) and my tone was right there. Highs were clear without being obnoxious. Bass was enough for it not to appear like I was using a practice amp Compliments during the break along the lines of “I can’t believe that little thing” The Pulse 10 is quite a little powerhouse. I was dubious as to whether it’d cut the mustard, but I’m pleased to say it does Remember this is a 1 x 10” 200 watt small enclosure so it’s not going to shake your fillings out. It will be easy to transport, make you grin when you look at it and it’ll hold it’s own with a band who aren’t prone to inducing tinnitus So – 1 cab for a rehearsal? For me, yes indeed. Would 1 cab suffice for a gig? Hmmm. Jury is out on that one. Tiny pub? Yeah. 100+ room?…. I’d be wanting a bit more grunt for peace of mind BUT – Given I now have the ply, speaker and hardware for a second one, I think we know where this is going I may make the second with a removable baffle, so I can try the 212’s in a smaller enclosure. Top hats to be fitted too so I have an emergency PA system. Thanks once again to the people behind this thread/design for a great little build I would say to anyone thinking of having a go to just get on with it! There’s loads of helpful people on here. Bring on the next design 😉 Jon
  12. the horn and hf driver were purchased this morning (along with lots of other goodies I don't really need) i may even fit tophats.... Ideal little PA for sordid parties in my s*x dungeon 😋
  13. I got all excited when I modelled it - thought I may get even more performance from the little box of goodness, but i've calmed down now 😝
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