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  1. I've seen one selling for £450. I'll also take a look at the one you're using too though, thanks.
  2. Thinking about going down the FRFR rabbit hole has anyone any experience using a Atomic Wedge CLR Neo Active Reference Monitor. One of the guitarists in my band uses one and I had a play through it for about 30 minutes and it seemed good. Has any one had any experience using one for a longer period?
  3. no worries, thanks for replying to the message I sent four days ago 👍
  4. Although obviously not a fad I'd say there was a period in the early 2000s (around when I started playing) that everyone I knew wanted to play the most slappy Flea/ Les Claypool inspired bass lines - might have just been my age group though!
  5. I agree with you, although Lemmy and J Entwistle also said they played bass more like a guitar (just in a less obnoxious way )
  6. It is but it's just gathering dust so would like it to go quickly. You could always string it upside down 😂
  7. Fender P neck. Maple with rosewood board. Collection preferred in Blackpool. 41MM width at nut.
  8. Ah okay, thanks for input guys. Think I'm gonna stick with separates and save the money for more basses I'll just have to make my lazy donkey do more trips to the car when I'm loading/unloading
  9. Yeah I do now, I was just thinking if I could reduce the stuff I take/save space.
  10. Oh really, that's a shame. As I am just looking for a double so I don't need two cases when I take two basses. I never considered the weight issue.
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