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  1. That Wet Wet Wet song - I feel it in my fingers? Was in the charts for so long when I was in my teens + my sister liked it and played it too anything Bon Jovi That god awful All about that bass song!
  2. Bought an amp from Iain. Easy to deal with - trade with confidence. Thanks again 👍
  3. I just don't tell mine anymore.... she never seems to notice anyway
  4. Am I the only one who actually prefers the look of a lined fretless? unlined just look a little bland to me
  5. Bought a pedal from Martin, easy transaction and pleasant to talk to. Would recommend
  6. Just received a pedal from Peter, good communication, quick delivery and friendly guy. Would recommend
  7. Good purchase from richardd, would buy from with confidence again and recommend 5*
  8. I use Tito @ Dalmedo Guitars in Preston Lancashire. Excellent service and work.
  9. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1507031732' post='3382833'] Is the Precision in your profile pic one that you own, or on that you hope to own? [/quote] One i found on google images I do have a 2006 P thats been modded. Not as nice as that one though!
  10. Just wanted to say hi! been on the site a few times as a guest, enjoy reading the forum and perving on gear. Thought it was time to sign up Hello from Lancashire Ian
  11. Nice bass, it is tempting *checks sofa for money*
  12. Thats a beautiful bass! Wish I had the money... might be one someone would regret selling tho
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