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  1. Does any one on here have a 24k resistor spare? I need 1 to return my MXR Phase 90 to stock (better for bass) and it would be a waste buying a roll of 100 from china just to use 1. Thanks

    1. bobbass4k


      Thought I had some 24k's but apparently not, plenty of 22k and 27k though. https://www.bitsboxuk.com/ is great for low volumes - 10pc minimum on resistors and no minimum order, just a fixed postage cost - 10 resistors plus postage should be £3, 1 or 2 day delivery.

    2. paul_5


      Honestly, a 22k is close enough, certainly within the 10% tolerance of typical resistors. If you’ve got any 47k resistors lying around ( it’s a more common value than 24k) then using two of those in parallel will get you 23.5k, which is closer. I doubt you’ll hear any difference though.

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