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  1. Hi guys quick question. Which flat to choose instead TI Flats? Same clarity and bright sound but more tension are what I need for. Thank you. 

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    2. jb90


      @acidbass LaBella make great strings but this sound is too dark for me. TI have great sound and durability but are so loose that I can't play fast on them because they stay on my fingers and don't have any "give". I tried D'Addario in the past too but are useless after about year of use. Fenders the same. And sound is rather oldschool thump than modern bright of TI. 

    3. jb90


      @Jean-Luc Pickguard I order them because I heard some samples on YT on Musicmans and sound really bright and modern as TI and that's what I'm looking for. I don't need "Jamerson flatwound sound". I like flats because of direct, compact sound, feel and lak of harshy high end but also I need bright and modern tone. On TI I can play fingers or pick and you don't hear immediately that those are flats like on other strings. And I hope that EB Cobalst give me the same results Thanks. 


    4. Sharkfinger


      @jb90 I think I got mine on eBay.  Like I said, there's some used ones for sale here.  Like Acidbass, I tune my bass flat on all strings, so the higher tension helps to normalize the feel.

      I've had the same set on for a few months and they don't sound too different from new, so last a long time like flats.

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