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  1. My Old Man's A Dustman - Lonnie Donegan
  2. I learned recorder at primary school, learned to read music (very soon forgotten...) and actually got reasonably good at it, even wrote a few little tunes of my own 🙂 Moved to grammar school in 1977, music teacher in the first year was old enough to have been around when Mozart and co were writing and was more concerned with making sure we listed all the parts in Peter And The Wolf in two columns in our exercise books instead of in a line etc, taught us nothing useful; second year we had a much younger teacher who would explain things to us using "examples" like Gordon Is A Moron* and Friggin' In The Rigging...! Also recall him doing things like spending lunchtimes showing some of the older kids how to play Are 'Friends' Electric on whatever the organ-type thing in the music room was. Unfortunately I was far more academic than artistic and didn't carry on with it after the second year. *yes I know it isn't actually called that!
  3. not sure when he would have moved but I grew up round the corner from where Steve Winwood used to live
  4. Caught the original lineup several times, am on the Earth Inferno bits/b-sides from Wolves and the (apparently McCoy-approved) bootleg from Brum a few weeks after... last saw them at a festival at the NEC in 2009, with Prodigy guitarist etc.. OK they could play the stuff but no real feeling. Did see a couple of things never before witnessed though: a *five* person high flower-tower and... McCoy smiled (for a second)!
  5. Much as I have loved their music for decades I can never take these two videos seriously...!
  6. Working from home it's been several hours of Planet Rock every day, and a bit of Classic FM every time P*** F**** begin to pollute the air... having moved house (well flat) recently I am now close to having somewhere I can get my 20-year-old Alba stereo set up and start rediscovering the joys of vinyl
  7. memory admittedly not what it was was but I'm sure I recall an interview (either written or radio) where he said it was about the M3 🙂
  8. How can an old man with hellfires raging in his eyes fix somebody with a freezing glance?
  9. The violin and piano bits in "Vienna" and the synth solo in OMD's "Messages" always been favourites of mine
  10. Love that tune...first heard it in a TV advert way back and it took me years to find out what it was!
  11. Roger Waters is the reason my radio goes onto Classic FM a couple of times a day
  12. Possibly my favourite female vocalist of all time Julianne Regan of All About Eve started as bassist with Gene Loves Jezebel (who I always think are the goth band from up the road in Cannock but they aren't ...)
  13. Just had a look out of curiosity (and 'cos these things are my job) and Dyson have had the name registered for 20 years...
  14. Does the Nephilim's "Celebrate" count as a (mostly) solo lol...
  15. Gone from processing life insurance policies to selling gas fires to answering directory enquiries and will shortly celebrate 24 years as a patent and trade mark administrator. January 2021 will be...interesting...
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