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  1. If it has to be strictly from teen years, in date order I'd say "I don't like Mondays", "Vienna", "She Sells Sanctuary"
  2. Rush are one of a small handful of bands I regret never getting round to seeing live... RIP Neil sleep well
  3. Without a doubt Peter Hook. But the more I thought about it I realised the reason I love such albums as "Dreamtime" , "The Nephilim", "First And Last And Always" is... because of the bass playing...
  4. Find a live version with Blixa Bargeld doing Kylie's part lol...
  5. Must admit to not yet having heard Ghosteen but it's next on my list...the guy is as you say on a different plane to mere mortals- having been fortunate enough to catch him and the Seeds live twice he knows how to bring his words to life on stage in a way not everyone can
  6. After starting with a generic Amazon beginner kit treated myself to an Ibanez GSR180 a couple of weeks ago ... Not had much chance to do more than try and tune it so far but already feels so much better
  7. Quite fortuitously caught Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on TV last night...if ever any artist was all about lyrics it must be him given the minimalism of a lot of the music, especially on stage...and boy has he written some beauty over the years
  8. Transmission by Joy Division, Spiritwalker by The Cult spring to my total beginner mind
  9. In The Meadow - All About Eve Are Friends Electric - Tubeway Army Celebrate - Fields Of The Nephilim
  10. Born To Be Wild (any version) ...lifelong rock fan but have hated that from the very first time I heard it! Red Red Wine, UB40... intensely annoying whine that unfortunately was just the sign of things to come Saturday Night, Whigfield...the most braindead piece of moronic garbage that has ever assaulted my eardrums (Dis)honourable mentions for Imagine, Ride On Time, and 99% of anything that made the top 10 this century...☺)
  11. Could probably pick a different 10 every day but these would always be in there: Dreamtime - The Cult Turn On The Bright Lights - Interpol Replicas - Tubeway Army Stained Class - Judas Priest All About Eve self titled debut
  12. Lol I'm a few years older but just missed JD, my school class was very much rock/metal, no problem there but I was the only Status Quo fan and got laughed at for having their name down one strap of my rucksack and OMD's on the other...honestly did not get the connection between JD and New Order for quite some time either... :-0
  13. Again not a bass album as such but Hooky's work on " Closer" certainly had some effect on me...I actually had that before "Unknown Pleasures" ( and, strangely, some time before I ever heard LWTUA or Transmission as well...), knew I was hearing something special even then
  14. I think Eldritch just grabs a couple of handy musos whenever he needs a bit more towards his legal bills lol... saw them about 2001, utterly soulless
  15. Listened to the middle bit of this show actually, some good some crud... FWIW my favourite since the first time I heard it is Glenn Tipton's "Beyond The Realms Of Death", seems to fit the tone and subject matter of the song beautifully rather than just being chucked in for the sake of it
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