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  1. Being not as familiar with all Zeppelin's catalogue as I perhaps ought to be I have genuinely mistaken Greta van Fleet for them on the radio before now
  2. Must say that on the various occasions I saw AAE (both original and acoustic lineups) if Julianne was feeling nervous it didn't show, wonderful voice and great performer. Felt very happy when she replied to a comment of mine on FB recently 🙂
  3. All About Eve are probably unfortunately best known for that TOTP appearance, while they did come up with the odd similar type of thing they could also rock with the best of them when they put their minds to it, especially on stage
  4. Think I have 6 copies of Joy Division's "Closer" lying around, on various formats (original vinyl, vanilla CD release, deluxe/boxset versions and the cassette copy from when Factory went through a phase of reissuing stuff on tape in nice little boxes)
  5. I'm on the bits of Fields Of The Nephilim's "Earth Inferno" from Wolves Civic (and the tracks from there that subsequently turned up on b-sides); and a bootleg from Birmingham a couple of months later which apparently impressed Carl McCoy sufficiently for him to kind-of-endorse it. Also missed being on the same Quo live album as Prince Charles by one day.
  6. The two I've listened to most would probably be Strangers In The Night and Marillion's Real To Reel...also have assorted live bootlegs from the 80s which I probably listened to more than albums lol but don't know how many would still be playable today
  7. Having seen Motorhead, Maiden, Priest, Quo, Saxon etc I still reckon the loudest I've ever heard were OMD on the Dazzle Ships tour
  8. Might get to see daylight at least 🙂 can't actually locate it right now lol but did find these, youngest is 31...
  9. Lol my oldest t-shirt turns 40 next year...
  10. We have graduate trainees starting now who weren't born when I joined the firm...
  11. Not used in battle but have got these lol
  12. Tried to walk out of Tank supporting Motorhead at New St Odeon, last night of the Iron Fist tour... Tank staggered out on stage clearly completely p!ssed already, were awful, my mate and I got up and headed for the bar (along with about 99.2% of the rest of the audience). Unfortunately we were both 16 at the time - he was over 6ft tall even then (I wasn't far off), he got in, I got stopped and had to go back and listen to the rest of the racket...
  13. About 20 years ago went to see All About Eve supporting Fairport Convention at Symphony Hall - quite like a bit of folky stuff if in the right mood and have a few Fairport CDs lying around, but probably wouldn't have gone if AAE hadn't been there. Would have been perfectly happy to stay and watch all Fairport's set but (for those who know the place) I was in the very steep upstairs bit at the back and started to feel more than a little wobbly, don't do heights too well so had to leave very early 😞 was quite sad to miss the rest, they had been very entertaining till then!
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