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  1. Would also go with Marillion... Odeon New St, 1983, a week or two after "Script..." had been released, they were still a bit of an unknown quantity. In almost 40 years of gigs I have never seen anyone hold the audience in their hand completely entranced the way Fish did that night, simply stunning.
  2. As a student in the mid-80s I was interested enough to buy their first album. These days I wonder why...
  3. (sorry couldn't resist...)
  4. Hot Chocloate's "Emma" could almost have been written for the Sisters Of Mercy...
  5. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers - ...er...ZZ Top originally wasn't it...?
  6. Really wish New Order had recruited a new singer and left Barney to his guitar...
  7. For whatever reason I never got into Whitesnake back in the day...when I moved to a new flat back in the summer some very kind friends bought me an Alexa dot thing, which somehow brings out bass better than my DAB radio ever could (don't ask me how, it just came like that lol) I find myself with a rather better appreciation of them now...
  8. Always thought Tony Hadley has one of the finest voices I ever heard and "Journeys To Glory" will always be in my top ten albums of all time. How did they go from that to a cabaret act 😞
  9. beat me to it lol...my all time favourite singer
  10. ...sounds like one of those annoying adverts sorry...!
  11. My introduction to Hawkwind was on my one and only Donington, 1982... aged 16 thought they were cr*p on the day. Asked a 6th form mate for a recommendation, he lent me Live 79... even [email protected]*dy worse to my ears. Several years later finally had a (very cheap) pair of proper stereo headphones, plugged them into the family music centre to listen to Janice Long one Saturday and about the first thing I heard was "Master Of The Universe" from Space Ritual... yoy! Decades on, now having a couple of mates one of whom has been a huge fan for ages and one who has seen them 380+ times (mostly tagging along with his brother who was some part of their crew) I have learned that a) they aren't a band to see at an outdoor festival; and b) they are actually rather better than my initial impression!
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