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  1. Hi I play in similar mixed environments and went over to Phil Jones gear few years ago - never looked back! I have a 150 watt Flightcase combo which In use for acousticy/quieter gigs and add a PB300 250 watt powered speaker when I need more whoomp. 400 very genuine a clean watts is loud enough for any rock gigs I do, and for anything bigger, there's always pa support anyway. It's quite pricy gear, but very high quality and well made
  2. Maybe a strings issue? I use D'Addario nickels on my Lakland and pops sound clear, loud and bright
  3. Hi I went done the path of in ears a while ago. I went for moulded, as attenuation of ambient sound is also very important to me. I got a pair of ACS Engage, 2 driver mouldeds, £400. TBH I'm disappointed with them. Sound is not great, but neither is my hearing, so I may be doing them a disservice! The advice I wasn't given was go for min. 3 drivers for bass. In hindsight, that would be what i should have done, but shelling out £600 for something I wasn't sure was right for me was a bit of a risk, especially as mouldeds have nil resale value!
  4. Never plucking fingers, but sometimes fretting hand - especially if I've been playing a lot of octave stuff. Curse you disco music and Bernard Edwards! Don't mean that - I idolise him!
  5. It's weird how sometimes what is revving up to be a horrific gig turns out to be great. I did a wedding gig in Bath with Duncan Oakley a while back. It was is a posh marquee at the back of a posh house, home of the bride's posh family. The groom was a South African BMX rider and his somewhat feral family had flown over from Capetown. The speeches went on forever, and then food didn't arrive until gone 9.00, after everyone had been quaffing champers for 2 hours - so, diametrically opposite families, all whizzed, when we finally got on stage. Could have been carnage, but amazingly everyone got on great and then dance floor was full from first number. Abiding memory was looking up halfway through Tainted Love to see a dog riding past on a skateboard! Another wedding in Bristol started off bad and got worse. Location was a village hall and we had to set up and sound check during the meal and speeches behind the stage curtain. Ever tried sound sound checking without making any noise?! Second number, the American groom wanted to sing My Girl with us - just play it exactly like the Temptations he said. However, we got to the key change in verse 3 and changed key - he didn't, so we went back to the original key while he did the key change. It went down hill from there onwards!
  6. I use Spirocore Solos and tune to concert. Low tension, dead easy to play but still retain the Spirocore sound
  7. Some great advice re switching etc. To be honest, I use a silent plug lead to avoid pops and bangs and ramp up the gain on my amp for the EUB. Works fine for me. Probably worth touching on dealing with the difference in scale length between EUB and bass guitar. It sometimes catches me out when I go back to bass guitar , ie hitting F sharp on the A string instead of E! Soon get acclimatised though!
  8. Thanks - yes, if I'm getting more ambient sound than I want, it might as well be low frequencies!
  9. Yep. its a mistake to think that people aren't enjoying it just because they're not jumping around like maniacs!
  10. 21st birthday party in a village hall nearby. We played 2 sets and literally nobody responded to anything - no applause, no dancing, not even any heckling. When we'd finished , well whizzed off, the birthday girl came up to us and said we were great - so why the bloody hell didn't you acknowledge our existence?! Silver lining - birthday girl's dad booked us for a cricket tournament evening shindig and we've played it every year for 3 years now.
  11. Thanks again guys for the advice.. Acoustic neuroma - thanks Skidder. I had an MRI scan to eliminate that possibility. TBH I'm terrified of a possible Menieres diagnosis, but if that's what I have, it's very atypical, ie no vertigo, and it's not episodal. Looking on the bright side, I can do everything I want to do right now, despite the tinnitus and distortion. Hearing aids help in normal life and I can get by with moulded ear plugs for most gigs. I've got hold of a pair of EX29's which are great and promising for live work. However, low frequency sound isolation is pretty poor, but I guess thats true of all over ear headphones. I just hope my symptoms don't get significantly worse, as that might well be game up. If that's the case, to quote a cliche, I've had a bloody good innings! I'm 67, been playing for 45 years and had some great times and played some amazing gigs. If you told me 45 years ago that I'd still be playing now, I wouldn't have believed you!
  12. Bit late to the party, but this is my Lakland 4.94, hand built by Ed Reynolds in Chicago in 2004. It has a chambered body, birdseye maple neck and '65 Jazz pick up in the neck position. Love it. It plays itself!
  13. Bit late to the party , but I often use my Sansamp as a preamp, driving a Phil Jones PB300 powered cab. Absolutely no problems and sounds great. TBH for most of my gigs, 250 watts is fine and it's mega easy set up.
  14. Thanks again for the help and advice guys. I'm really grateful. I suspect my problem with distortion isn't helped, or even made worse by my ACS in ears. I will try a good pair of over ear headphones and see what happens. Getting a mix is no problem and other members of the band use in ears and we all have individual mixes/feeds. Been looking at Audio Technical ATH M50's - any opinions about these? I messaged with Dave Swift of Jules Holland's band and he swears by UE in ears and a Porter and Davies platform. Expensive options though! Cheers Bill
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