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  1. Having a bit of a Year Zero fling at the moment so everything must go! Maybe pass this onto your keyboardist Korg Triton Extreme 88 workstation with Moss board fitted. 88 note weighted keyboard. Owned from new 2007, smoke free home use only. Good condition apart from some cosmetic marks and small dent in ribbon controller see pics. Comes with manuals software and Stagg case which has wheels and a handle but is extremely heavy and a double braced stand if picked up. Top of the range from Korg until replaced by M3/OASYS. Bought this when flush and have never explored its full potential. Best let those who know what they are talking about tell you all about though i would suspect if you are considering this item you will know about it http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/may04/articles/korgtritonextreme.htm PIcs on request if you can give me an email address Ideally pick up due to weight/nature PA13 Area West of Scotland Cheers BB
  2. [quote name='Ashborygirl' timestamp='1358251517' post='1935466'] Ooohhhh, an early one! [/quote] well spotted BB
  3. Having a total clearout . No PICS yet See below! ON HOLD - Warwick Dolphin NT 2004 owned from new (though i think every bassplayer in the West of Scotland had a wee thump at it while it was in SoundControl for a few years - I got it cheap when they closed down) never gigged VG condition with rockcase £1250 Cant upload pics NOT because of the site issue but cos i am using a mobile dongle with limited upload or something as I am waiting on my landline being activated SO I AM LISTING THESE AS PICK UP ONLY at the moment - i would rather anyway particularly as i worry my description aren't up to snuff so you know what you are getting. I am located in West of Scotland PA13 postcode Pics now available if u can give me your email, i can send a link to the appropriate Photobucket album Cheers BB
  4. its the frame version http://www.thomann.de/gb/rockstand_rs20862.htm?sid=55f0156afc6137dbf82f509159bedd00 BB
  5. Postponing full clearout till springtime I think Sorry if u had your eye on anything BB
  6. As above, home use only used not abused, original box and assembly instructions £30 inc postage BB
  7. Well done that man. Sorry for being too lazy to look for previous stuff on subject. I should know better I've been here long enough BB
  8. Me neither, trying to work out this photobucket thing so watching this thread closely for help too BB
  9. One for west of Scotland BC'ers as pick up only! Have this nice home keyboard which i bought to keep my daughter away from my Korg Triton ( Google Yamaha E303 for details ) full size keys 61 notes very respectable sounds with genuine power supply - i will have a little noodle on it when i can't be bothered firing up the big guns. NO box but double braced scissor stand (Basix ) and also a box with music books - whitney, genesis, les mis etc, various 101 hits books ALL FREE Pick up only from PA6 postcode Cheers Bob
  10. A liitle bid from someone, anyone on here I wonder? If I didn't have one already......... :-) BB
  11. BarnacleBob


    A little something for the pain........ BB
  12. well if anyone wants to offer me more............ just kidding, just want it out from under me feet! BB
  13. £40??? Added pic to show tattiness........ BB
  14. Has been known. A nice Vigier Arpege at another C/C store went for £700 few months ago. BC'rs have mentioned before seeing Wals. You do wonder what's the deal though when they have high end stuff like this. BB
  15. Just wound to original spec. There was a delay in the repairs because I actually tried to locate 2 replacement pups from Vigier - Ben (the rep) said they would be difficult to get as an old model but Patrice in reply to me on the forum said they were available but the trail went cold eventually. Had them rewound at Bareknuckle after trying Wizard who couldn't do it BB
  16. 269 - which makes it an '86 I think. BB
  17. Got this a few months ago but it needed a bit of work done - both pickups rewound at Bareknuckle and new pickup top plate and backplate. Nice and light with massive range of tone and smooth slim neck. [attachment=124098:P1010781.JPG] [attachment=124099:P1010798.JPG] BB
  18. Another top class bass courtesy of t'bay and your Uncle. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190764843550?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:VRI&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2661 BB
  19. Anyone for an old tatty ball-breaking ( 70+ lbs ) 20 yr old Peavey databass combo. 1 x 15 BW 400W allegedly. Hasn't fired a shot in anger since a wee service about 10 years ago and has been living under the stairs since. Banging away at it all morning and seems fine - my neighbours will testify to this - pots are scratchy but EQ sliders seem fine funnily enough. One slider cap missing. £40 as i am too mean to give it away Moving house and I am NOT taking this with me. pick up only due to weight - I am in Paisley area. Will stick photos up if requested EDIT for clarity - as the amp is 'sold as seen' so to speak I am hoping for a local(ish) buyer so they can try the amp out first . BB A big Laurel and a Hardy handshake to Uke.
  20. Right, I get it now! Cheers guys. Think I saw a f/less P recently with the black strings somewhere. It's an education on here! BB
  21. [quote name='pst62' timestamp='1347798336' post='1805061'] Evil little Chinese Gangster types [/quote] Good mnemonic there - ECG - first inversion c triad :-) BB
  22. Having a google there and found a few brands flatwound at £15-£16 range. However I also noticed Tapewound strings and Black nylon ( oo-er missus ) strings for bass. I don't think I have been aware ot these before. What's the deal with them? BB
  23. I like that! I have found a lot of TV signature tunes from the 60's 70's and 80's have really interesting basslines. From the original MI tune to Seinfeld ( ok that might have been sampled) via the ubiquitous Barney Miller I love trying to pick out the basslines. Personal faves are the Piggy Malone theme from the Two Ronnies and The persuaders BB
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