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  1. I just took delivery of Clarky's Gretsch Broadkaster bass, which was packed as snugly and securely as the very smallest Babushka Doll... Everything went super smoothly, and Clarky was a pleasure to deal with throughout! Many thanks, Seán
  2. Nice one, Clarky! I'll PM you later tonight, if that's OK..? Best, S
  3. Hi again, Clarky, ...Frivolous "gas" comments aside, I've played one of these and loved it, but couldn't at the time justify the outlay, so I got a LaBella-loaded Ibanez Artcore instead, to see how I would get on with both a semi-hollow body and the flats... I'm now converted & convinced. I potentially have genuine interest in this, so if at some point we could get around the shipping issue, I'd love to discuss further..? I don't know if you remember , but we've traded before.., possibly for an EHX bass synth..? Kind regards, Seán
  4. Just out of curiosity ... is there a case with it/would you consider shipping it..? 👀😊 (... “oh err, doctor, I think I’ve got a serious dose of gas coming on again...”🤭🤢😷💨)
  5. Hi Clarky, Lovely, bass: I tried one a few years ago and loved if! Seriously tempted... best, S
  6. Hi, very interested in this, subject to chat with Alan that this is the replacement part I need for my ACG preamp, best regards, S
  7. Hi, can I PM you over the next day or so for some info on the H9..? Regards, S
  8. Thanks a lot Dean! A pleasure doing business with Dean: great communication, item as described, very well packed, and he also gave me some helpful advice on getting the best from my new purchase - highly recommended!
  9. Thanks a million - I'll definitely take the 3 sets of hi-beams and the light gauge Lo-riders. I'll most likely take the other 2 sets of Lo-riders too for a friend, but I'll just have to confirm that the specs suit him, so if I could confirm maybe Monday for all six sets..? BTW - is BIC IBAN money transfer OK by you, and are you OK with posting to Ireland for this price..? Cheers, Seán RE feedback: I have 100% positive feedback here, having bought basses, effects, software, strings etc., but if haven't bought anything in a while... ;-)
  10. Very interested in these, pending a few double-checks re suitability for my basses.... A couple of questions; ARE THESE SHORT, MEDIUM OR LONG SCALE/steel of nickel?? (I can't really tell from the links..? I'll be in touch again very shortly.., Regards, S
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