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  1. Hi, very interested in this, subject to chat with Alan that this is the replacement part I need for my ACG preamp, best regards, S
  2. Hi, can I PM you over the next day or so for some info on the H9..? Regards, S
  3. Thanks a lot Dean! A pleasure doing business with Dean: great communication, item as described, very well packed, and he also gave me some helpful advice on getting the best from my new purchase - highly recommended!
  4. Thanks a million - I'll definitely take the 3 sets of hi-beams and the light gauge Lo-riders. I'll most likely take the other 2 sets of Lo-riders too for a friend, but I'll just have to confirm that the specs suit him, so if I could confirm maybe Monday for all six sets..? BTW - is BIC IBAN money transfer OK by you, and are you OK with posting to Ireland for this price..? Cheers, Seán RE feedback: I have 100% positive feedback here, having bought basses, effects, software, strings etc., but if haven't bought anything in a while... ;-)
  5. Very interested in these, pending a few double-checks re suitability for my basses.... A couple of questions; ARE THESE SHORT, MEDIUM OR LONG SCALE/steel of nickel?? (I can't really tell from the links..? I'll be in touch again very shortly.., Regards, S
  6. Hi, would you post this to Ireland for £180? Regards, Sean
  7. Hi "bagsieblue", This is only a feeler, but would you consider posting this to Ireland? (I have good feedback,f you need to check... ;-)
  8. wow -that [i][u][b]IS [/b][/u][/i] special!! There is something particularly special about road-worn, 70's Jazz basses... Rosewood and block inlays.. Not to mention a maple board with pearl inlays: bass porn!
  9. Great stuff! Been using it for years... You DO need to keep a DECENT cloth on standby to wipe down strings afterwards, as the strings DO feel sticky etc if they are not wiped down thoroughly. It can be made last indefinitely by spraying WD 40 on the business-end periodically... AFAIK that is in fact the lubricant (or a close relation) .Then again you can boil the strings briefly too to get rid of gunk and re-energise strings and further lengthen the string life-span.. Glad to see the quality control guys at GHS have seen fit to re-introduce metal tins and generally tidy up the whole package - the plastic etc of the recent past was a real rip-off and an insult to any self-respecting customer. That's why I used the WD40 option... Now that they seem to be treating customers with respect once again, I might actually buy it more regularly...
  10. Great. I'm iinterested in this, but quite busy until Sunday.... Maybe we can discuss price, delivery, payment options etc towards the end of tbe weekend..? Regards, Sean
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