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  1. Not real progress, but progress none the less........ i've picked up a bridge (many thanks @Reggaebass ) a pair of pickup covers and some screws, and I've even dug out some old bass strings I should be able to use for alignment etc. First I'll see if the bridge pickup (longer one?) will fit in the route, then tackle opening it up if I need to. Then it'll be things like opening the neck pocket- quite nervous about that!!! For reference, does anyone know off the top of their heads what a fender p / j bass neck heel width usually is? πŸ€” Thanks for reading, hope to make some progress next week all being well!
  2. Couple of lockdown projects to share, first I re-finished my hh Strat (this was actually my first guitar, not many original parts left after 27 years of idiot ownership) and I put together a partsmaster too. πŸ‘ planning to ruin a bass next πŸ‘ some nice instruments on this thread, very pleasant read indeed 😎
  3. late to the party as ever- i'll take two sets please will it stop the world spinning and melt the internet if i put a pair on a guitar? πŸ˜•
  4. Great tip thanks man πŸ‘
  5. Sir, you’re a gent- PM incoming πŸ‘
  6. That I shall do sir- thanks again for the tips. I have a couple of ideas about finish, but i'l very far away from that yet! I do have plenty of car paint to try with hi-build primers etc, and some lovely old shades of british leyland I think i could rock on an instrument, It'll be a fun (if not frustrating!) experiment! And I do appreciate the guidance chap I did find a control plate on another forum, but alas, missed out by a few hours. That's kinda sh!tt!n before my knickers are down anyways, first thing I need to do is open up the neck pocket to accept the neck I guess. Is it advisable to do this with pickup, even if it's just a cover, a bridge, and high and low strings on, to ensure good alignment? Anyone know what a stock heel width is for a fender bass? πŸ€” Cheers!
  7. Most excellent! Just had a good read of that, many thanks for taking the time to share it, I've learned a lot! And i think it looked great at the end fella πŸ‘ if my one ends up remotely as good at that i'll be happy- will take it all on board
  8. Thanks man! and cheers for the encoragement. I think i'll be reading a lot in here to see how other have tackled it πŸ‘ It is indeed- that's what it was advertised as πŸ‘ is that a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly don't know! maybe i should have researched first
  9. Hi All, Quick introduction- I'm more a lurker on here than a chatter- GREAT forum folks keep up the hard work, it's rare I don't find an answer just on a search! Says a lot πŸ‘ During lockdown, one of my jobs was to go through all my instrument parts. I'll be honest- i'm self taught and in the lower realms of ability, so i'm prob more of a modder / collector than a player! So one of my covid jobs was to build something from all the bits, and sort out / tidy the rest. One of the parts I came across on my clearout was a cheap P neck (i think it's from a P style as its a wide-ish nut) which I had bought for my beloved old encore. My encore P was my only bass for many years, until it developed a rod buzz at a jam. First knee jerk was to buy a cheap neck to replace on ebay, but I ended up getting GAS (don't we all!) and treated myself to a fender! Here is said neck: Wind forward to last week, and I see an ad for a pedal I've been after for a while on this very forum. I'm doing the deal then I spot another part for sale on the sellers other threads- an "ebay" J bass body- thanks to @WarPig on this one I've never played a J bass, and I don't have a bass with a neck J pickup, so I thought what the hell- lets try and put together a bass with these parts. I thought I'd start a thread to record my progress / parts collecting etc, should be fun! πŸ˜€ never done a "new" body before either, so i probably have a lot to learn. Progress is never usually quick on these projects but i'll try and update as I go. Any comments / ideas welcomed, good bad or ugly! πŸ‘
  10. Recently bought a pedal and a body off Sean, great guy to deal with, even politely put up with my mistakes and was honest when I sent too much money across!! Items exactly as described. Thank you chap, it was a pleasure to deal with you 😎
  11. Hi Bud, I'll take the VD400 if you still have it, been thinking about one for a while, rather the dosh went to someone on here than a random ebayer PM incoming!
  12. Thanks SO much for sharing the info about burns, i've been after a bass 6 of some sort for a while so following this thread and other sources, but I've also got a strat project and they do trisonic AND rezomatic pickups- something i'll more than likely be using, so I really appreciate you sharing folks πŸ˜€ I wonder why there hasn't been much advertising about bringing the brand back? Either way, i'll be dipping my toe with at least a set of guitar pickups, and maybe a bass 6 if folks say they're good value- i do like quirk! 😎 TBH the marquee bass looks pretty goddamn rad also. Back on topic- i'm enjoying reading about the OP's journey, I hope you find a great solution soon πŸ‘ time to crawl back under my rock πŸ€—
  13. Some manufacturers aim to stop this from happening- for example since only using hercules stands on my nitro instruments, i've never had a problem. I have had the "fusion" type thing on a cheap stand in the past, where it's eaten into teh finish. I dont think they (hercules) advertise this just incase for liability reasons- but it's worked for me. For teh record I've had fender, gibson and rickenbacker (if they are nitro? ). I'm sure there are other manufacturers out there who do similar.
  14. cool man thanks- looks lovely and clean!
  15. agreed- i play it an awful lot at the moment! any pics of yours? sorry about the stickers by the way. I know that offends some folk. they probably won't be there forever.
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