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Steve Lawson

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  1. New Bass! New Bass! Check it out here:)

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    2. Steve Lawson

      Steve Lawson

      It's gorgeous! :) They've got a few in at Bass Direct if you're anywhere close. Here's a video on FB: (though if you can make it to my gig in Birmingham on Sunday, you'll get to see it up close :)


    3. charic


      I saw it in the calendar! I can't make it unfortunately :(

      Bass direct might need to happen though, need to test a helix while I'm at it

    4. dood


      I saw the video earlier @Steve Lawson :) It sounds sweet!!! 

  2. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1506702554' post='3380564'] With Japan, it was very much a case of diminishing returns...I adored them early on but the longer it went on, the less engaged I felt. I profess more of a connection with Mick Karn than the aforementioned Mr Batt, but I did connect big time with his [i]Gone To Earth[/i], I've lost count of the times it's been on at home...he has the ability to create an immense soundscape, which isn't to say his brother, Richard or Mick don't have an immense extracurricular back catalogue. [/quote] Yup, I love so much of Mick's solo work and Polytown. I played on an album with Steve Jansen a few years back, but we didn't get to meet
  3. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1506587076' post='3379679'] Just to weigh in here, it was a good day. I have to say, I enjoyed the Steve Lawson event immensely and profess I'd never even heard a note of his before the day; musically it reminded me a lot (and I'm uncertain whether this is a good or bad thin to say!) of David Sylvian's [i]Gone To Earth, Flux and Mutability, Approaching Silence[/i] material. I will be investigating more. [/quote] Hi Nancy! Those three records are all big influences on my music - very well spotted! If you delve into my back catalogue you find a couple of collaborators that David Sylvian and I share (BJ Cole & Theo Travis) and a lot more music that incorporates in some obvious and some less obvious ways his influence
  4. MOD Duo...

    With Eventide, you get Eventide's patches - that's the very big up and considerable down side of the H9. Eventide's processing is astounding, and they have a number of signature sounds that I covet a lot every time I play with Julie Slick. That said, the MOD does WAY WAY more than the H9 in terms of simultaneous processing, and the scope of the things it'll do (it's also a synth, so you could hook it up to a MIDI keyboard and have a whole synth rack in there too - would be amazing to see someone do that for synth bass parts on a covers gig...) Ideally, I'd like to have both, but choosing between the two, I'd go MOD...
  5. MOD Duo...

    A few people had questions at the end about the processor I was using at the South East Bass Bash... It's called the MOD Duo, and you can find out more about it at [url="http://www.moddevices.com"]http://www.moddevices.com[/url] - if you want to hear a little of what it can do, without me using any of the other pedals or Kaoss Pads or anything, I did this little demo of one of the patches I programmed for it last week - everything here is done in the Duo - the looping, the ambient sounds, everything... The only other piece of sound-altering tech in the signal path is the Jule Monique (which also attracted a fair bit of interest on Saturday ) [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXO1x5Cdh6Q[/media] Enjoy!
  6. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    Morning all! Thanks for the lovely feedback. It was a real treat to spend the day with you all - amazing to see so many esoteric instruments around! I loved Davey's talk too, though missed the 2nd half gathering up all the toys I needed for my own session. For those who heard me there for the first time, the rest of the investigation starts at http://music.stevelawson.net (the USB Stick and the subscription are the best value, by miles ) and my Rick Turner Renaissance bass is still for sale, with three people currently checking their bank balances... first come first served. £700 OBO hope to see you all again soon! Massive thanks to the organisers for putting on such a fabulous event!
  7. oh man, I wish I had the money to buy this myself!
  8. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    Actually, scratch that, I'll bring my 5 string fretless Rick Turner Renaissance... that's up for sale Sx [quote name='Steve Lawson' timestamp='1505119169' post='3369518'] I'm really looking forward to see you all on the day! I'll have a ton of toys with me, and none of it will be for sale [/quote]
  9. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    I'm really looking forward to see you all on the day! I'll have a ton of toys with me, and none of it will be for sale
  10. Looping stuff that probably doesn't exist...

    [quote name='NickD' timestamp='1499442648' post='3331624'] Thanks again Steve, I'll refer back to your points as we get into it. Your right, it's fun already, and I'm incredibly excited at the idea of developing it further. Although we're talking about pretty low levels of ability here, the sounds we make are already interesting to me. I'll check out your stuff, been meaning to subscribe for ages. All the stuff I have of yours are downloads from Amazon, which I suspect benefits neither you or I! [/quote] I did get paid when my stuff was on Amazon (I've removed it, I'm not into supporting tax evasion ) but they took a hefty chunk... The Bandcamp stuff works out at MUCH less per album for you to pay (initially it's 30 albums PLUS everything in the next 12 months, for £20. Thereafter it's everything in that year for the £20... which last year was 7 albums ) - and it's way more sustainable for me not having to 'market' individual albums, but being able to focus on a body of work that reflects just how much amazing stuff can happen when you spent your life improvising Thanks for the support - I REALLY appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to hearing what you and your drummer get up to!
  11. Ambient bass looping #5

    [quote name='BassBus' timestamp='1499445226' post='3331649'] To be honest I can't remember. Probably just as well in case I plagiarised your work [/quote] ha! plagarise away - it's always interesting to hear ideas being recirculated. I got them from somewhere in the first place. Seems only right to pass them on
  12. Looping stuff that probably doesn't exist...

    [quote name='NickD' timestamp='1499272559' post='3330457'] For the simplicity I want I'm looking at th Jam man stereo atm... just trying to get security clearance from my Wife. If it works out though I'd like to get a little more complex. Small steps and all that, but the more ideas drummer and I come up with the more I hear different parts but don't want to go beyond a 3 piece. [/quote] that sounds like a lot of fun - I'd definitely recommend making sure the drummer can hear what you're looping, perhaps more importantly than either of you hearing a click - so long as (s)he's got a good headphone mix of the loop stuff, you should be OK. Especially if you have time to practice... I never practice with anyone, only do gigs, so there's a whole other level of knife edge there, but as it's all improvised, the set up can 'fail gracefully' - if the drummer can't hear rhythmic loops well enough, I just don't use them. The last option, which you may find enjoyable, is to mic up the drums and loop both of you - I've been doing this a lot recently with Andy Edwards - we have a duo live album that's currently subscriber-only over at Bandcamp ( http://stevelawson.bandcamp.com/subscribe ) but has quite a few points in it where I loop both of us together, and even a bit in one piece (the last one, I think) where I'm looping and manipulating his drums as a duet with his live drums Some of it is on video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL3BnCjIr-I - see if you can work out which bits are looped drums
  13. Ambient bass looping #5

    [quote name='BassBus' timestamp='1499269587' post='3330433'] Thanks so much Steve. One of your pieces was the inspiration for the arrangement and dug me out of a hole of stuckness. [/quote] which one? Glad to be of service!
  14. SE Bass Bash 2017 - with Steve Lawson and Davey Rimmer

    [quote name='silverfoxnik' timestamp='1499270020' post='3330436'] Whereabouts are you based by the way? [/quote] I'm in Birmingham - I gig here a lot, and as Shelly has noted elsewhere, there are often a fair few Basschatters that show up to my gigs. Next one is on July 23rd at Tower Of Song in Birmingham, with drummer Andy Edwards (ex-Robert Plant/Frost*/IQ etc.) and guitar genus Phi Yaan-Zek. hope your bass bash goes well!
  15. Looping stuff that probably doesn't exist...

    [quote name='TrevorR' timestamp='1495538098' post='3304516'] This sounds a lot like the Looperlative gear that Steve Lawson used to use... [url="http://looperlativeaudio.com/"]http://looperlativeaudio.com/[/url] Don't know what the status of the company is these days... [/quote] That's all doable on the Looperlative, though the click would be an audio channel that you record, and then just sync everything else to it as multiples of that... I've done it a few times, though these days I tend to just send a whole submix of the loop-stuff to the drummer if they want it, so that they can hear it all and adapt to whatever weird rhythmic strangeness is going on As for the status of the Looperlative, it's currently out of production, but is going back into production very soon, I gather - check the facebook page