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  1. A great way of selling an instrument , is to reply to the potential buyers ? Instead of posting an ad, and then forgetting about it
  2. I would be more interested in this bass if you were able to arrange a courier . So much easier if the seller arranges it . Dont really know why this isn’t an option ?
  3. Nearly 30 years playing experience fantastic gear all styles catered for
  4. And how long is this hold on for ? I’m literally down the road with cash in hand
  5. Yes , it does ... seriously tempted . Good price . I recon the stand will do. Hopefully he’ll get back to me .
  6. Interested . Regarding courier, happy to pay, but you would need to arrange it , as you know when your in ! Pm me
  7. Is this still available ?? Im in north cornwall I could pop over anytime this week , please let me know asap
  8. Yes , I’ve been looking at these with the same concerns ! But they do seem like a great transition instrument to the double bass . Plus a great instrument to create unique sounds on via the bow and effect pedals . I think I’m going to buy one , but again the name omni bass does the same , and same price . But the ibanez does look better
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