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  1. Truss rod seems fine, adjusts as it should both ways.
  2. Hello Basschat folks, I have Fender Mexican Jazz that I've acquired. There has been an untidy and crude attempt to repair a loose skunk stripe which has resulted in the stripe sitting proud of the back of the neck and gaps down the length. Any advice on either routing out the current skunk stripe and replacing or who may be recommended to carry out such a repair would be appreciated If it proves uneconomical to repair I may just gently sand the stripe flat and re-varnish. Thanks in advance folks.
  3. Thanks Bill, appreciate your advice ??
  4. Top four speakers in my ABM 8x10 seemed to have stopped working. Bottom four still operate fine. Looking for any tips or easy fixes that may get my cab working fully again. No sinister noises or buzzing from any of the top four speakers. Thanks in advance for any advice basschatters.
  5. Morning Whizzzy, Is the bass for collection only?
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