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  1. Tonight’s rehearsal was a different experience to last week, different room... does the combo want to be place close to a wall or away from it ? I found it boomy when close to the wall but lost when away from it and having to be driven harder.... is there a optimum distance ?
  2. Used the Tc 450 combo last night with full band..... something of a first for me was using the inbuilt compressor.... I’ve managed to play for over 25 years without one but last night I’ve got to say I was really happy with it. it gave such a warm yet punchy well balanced sound with just seemed to sit perfectly in the mix.... im really happy with it 👍🏻
  3. My mm Sterling has a jiz spangled plate🙄 (I say tort, but it’s predictable)....
  4. I have a nasty type of Ai arthritis, AS. I use compression gloves but usually after playing. Hands in hot water before, comp gloves after. They are made of neoprene and all though they are fingerless the friction between the fingers wouldn’t be good..... they do help playing 👍🏻
  5. If your a bass player and you don’t like the vulfpeck, your doing it wrong. 😂👍🏻
  6. Well, I did the exchange today. i was apprehensive swapping my brand new condition lm3 and orange 210 cab for something a little “used” looking, but after I got it home and give it all a clean, 5 mins with a black sharpie touching up dink’s made it look pretty damn tidy. the swap was for an rs450c (210) and an rs112. I initially just tried the combo, and seemed to get a good sound relatively easily, I turned down the horn on the back of the cab and it really came alive.... when I added he 112 I was just blown away by the sound. ive owned mess, trace Elliot, ash down, markbass and this has had the best deep punch of them all. cant wait to give it a run out 🙄 do do they do a cover for the combo with trolly or will I have to butcher a cab cover ?
  7. No I didn’t think so but was wishful thinking.... im a bit apprehensive as it’s gonna be a 3 hr round trip to collect it, and there’s always the danger I’ll get there and just not like it.... still, I can only try. since posting this I’ve read a great many reviews 99.9% of these have all been positive. im always concerned about resale, not so much value but desirability.... what I can say from looking at sold/completed eBay sales and trekking back through sales on here, they are few and far between on the sales pages. I understand they are getting in a bit now, but hope this to be a good sign that people tend to stick with them hence few sales opportunities. search for MB amps (which I have) and there’s stacks of sales.... they still retail pretty damn expensive too.. 🙄👍🏻
  8. Also, one more question.... is the spectracomp compressed tone printable like the pedal version ? no biggee but great if it is
  9. Cheers guys, I’m about to do a deal on an rs450 combo.... i just can’t carry my orange gear anymore, plus it’s overkill for what I need. i May miss the mark bass lm3 head I use but by all accounts above the rh450 is a great head unit.
  10. John does however sing: Turn off your mind relax and float down stream It is not dying, it is not dying Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void It is shining, it is shining Yet you may see the meaning of within It is being, it is being Love is all and love is everyone It is knowing, it is knowing And ignorance and hate mourn the dead It is believing, it is believing But listen to the colour of your dreams It is not leaving, it is not leaving So play the game "Existence" to the end Of the beginning, of the beginning tomorrow never knows - The Beatles
  11. It’s paul who (wrote) sings Penny Lane.... 🙄👍🏻
  12. Fancy a trade on this set up? Little mark 3 and Orange obc210 both pretty much new orange cab has same clip on trolly fitted as found on the Tc gear. Both are cased and immaculate condition.
  13. I’ve messaged the guy but got no response 🙄
  14. Ahhh🙄 I prefer my version, have the lyrics amended! 😂
  15. The line from steppen Wolfs born to be wild.... ”I like smokin’ lighting” (heavy metal thunder) always intrigued me...
  16. Did this go to promenade music ? I think I just traded on it.... 🙄👍🏻 Looks the same gear
  17. Fancy a trade on this rig: markbass little mark 3 (almost new,still with box and paperwork) and a (black) Orange (also as new) in Runcorn if you fancy a look?
  18. Great comments guys, really helpful. i did try a Markbass 12” cab recently (122h) and hated it. It was so uncontrollably boomy, so that went. i see skit if you use the rs2x12 cab, how does this compare to 10’s? Would i be likely to have the same opinion of the Tc 12’s? I had pretty much decided after trying the Markbass 121h that 12” cabs just weren’t for me......
  19. Thanks guys, really helpful..... i think the thing with the wattage is common to most Amps these days, my little mark 3 claims 500w but obviously that’s only when under a 4ohm load. ive looked and you don’t see much of the tv gear for sale which is a positive sign I guess. i really love the old school thump and look of my black orange 210 cab, it’s a flawless sound to me and although only a touch heavier than your average bag of sand:gravel (25k) it’s just too much for my old bones. i could go back to the Markbass 210 I guess but I let it go for a reason so that doesn’t feel Favourable..... i will I’ll list my Markbass amp and orange cab for sale/swap and see what Tc gear comes up . thanks again
  20. Guys, I know this gear from TC is getting on a bit now but I’m trying to find some honest reviews of maybe the Rh450 combo or an rh450 & rs 210 cab..... lots of reviews and vids saying they are great but I know many don’t like them either and I’d like to hear why? i currently use a Markbass LM3 head and an Orange obc210 cab.... which I truly love, but cannot carry i dud did use the Markbass 210 traveller but want a bit more girth so switch to the orange cab. It did exactly what I wanted but I have terrible arthritis (AS) and just really struggle to move the orange cab about. It’s not too bad , just for me it’s not too good. looking at amps/combos, the slim stature of the Tc gear and built in trolley apeals but having never used one I fear it may be too dry and modern a sound for me, and perhaps lacking in “girth” 😂 views good and bad are welcomed. wonky (the login kid)
  21. Even I can’t remember what the point of this thread was ✌️😂✌️
  22. Super logger 😂 Ive been trying to log in all this time 😑
  23. I have a pjb cub which is a fantastic bit of kit for at home rehearsals . dont be fooled by the 100w claim, it may well be but feels more like 30w, I fact my sons ashdown perfect 10 has (30w) has a similar output. the tone is punchy and precise, never has a bad sound from it but it’s limitations are to front room writing and running through new material. i could only ever consider it for the quietest of gigs. it is however notably bigger in output with my active MM rather than my passive fender. i mean, twice the output
  24. That’s actually a good description of what it was doing, one loud note, but at deafening frequencies that brought on a frown from all in said room. i didnt have the desire to continue with this cab so went back to 10’s. last nights session confirmed to me I had made the absolute right choice.
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