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  1. Not a refin. It's completely original
  2. Thanks mine is a light '74. Check the weight before you buy.
  3. It's a copy I put together few years ago based on this genuine slab p from '67 with tort guard and lollipop tuners: slab_pbass67engI used a lightweight 2-piece swamp ash body finished with nitro Olympic White. Fender AV RI '63 pickups, harness, bridge, covers, knobs, pickguard shield. Spitfire pickguard (early one with the thick black ply). Fender Roger Waters neck with gloss urethane stripped, refinished in nitro with repro transition decal. Brass nut replaced with bone. Genuine 60's lollipop tuners and '67 neck plate from my parts drawer.
  4. All my ps in one basket
  5. 1963 Hagstrom Coronado and 1965 Guild Jetstar
  6. It looks legit to me. Late 60's tort can be plain like that
  7. @SquierJaguar You may get a few
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