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  1. Trade + cash possibly. What do you have?
  2. This is a stunning amp head. Perfect working order. Been running at 4ohms bridged into my vanderkley 4x10 and the sound is insane. This is for the head head and case only. Tuner and sennheiser are not for sale.
  3. Sfs. Beautiful 1200watt 4ohm bass cab.
  4. Previous owner put them in. Not my choice but never got around to taking them out.
  5. Just seen the Porter and Davis version as well. I'm swaying towards that one now as it has its own power module and seems less rattley than the eich . Their drum stools are incredible.
  6. Sorry to jump on the thread but a blunt question now. I'm a fat bloke does it have a weight limit?
  7. This is my beautiful vanderkley 410 LNT 4 ohm 1200watt bass cab with cover. Would prefer local collection from yeovil Somerset. I will get better photos.
  8. Hi. Is this the version with speakon connection or binding posts?
  9. Bringing this thread back as I now need to learn it. Did anyone find one?
  10. Apologies the bass has now gone. Part exchanged in Mansons in Exeter they may still have it if your interested.
  11. Haha. Yeah I bought this from Stuart. I’m based in Yeovil somerset.
  12. Beautiful blackstone bass I have owned this for about 6months and it’s just not getting used. 3 band preamp. Composite body and carbon neck. Just doesn’t go out of tune. Re finished from the original colour. Sale will include a gig bag not the hardcase pictures
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Have a “i remember paying over £700 on one of these” bump. Amazing cab and worth lugging the weight about. The price of Eden gear upsets me now.
  15. Will keep it if not gone by the end of the weekend.
  16. Hi. There is a led rope light in there from previous owner but I don’t remember where the controller is. I’m happy to look into postage if you would like.
  17. It’s the c I believe but I will definitely check for you. It’s the model that can bridge to 4ohms so definitely not the A. Im Yeovil in Somerset.
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