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  1. Just thought I'd say hello as I've been lurking around on the 'basses for sale' thread for a while now. But the main reason I've popped up on here is because the band I was in for 2 and a half years has just split (only a bog standard pub band, nothing special) but I'm just going to try and see the silver lining and because I've been playing for 3 years I've realised that I'm not where I could be or where I want to be with my playing, seeing as most of the songs we played had relatively simple (boring) basslines. Over the past 6 months or so I've been trying to get into jazz and trying to learn scales and theory. So I'll be more active here looking for advice on those things and as I can see a lot of wisdom floating around on this site I'm sure there will be someone willing to give me some pointers
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