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  1. Going to keep hold of the head for now - I used it this weekend and loved it.. It's hard being this indecisive... 50 quid each for the cabs
  2. Yeah, I think the best use is at home for practice, it's about the right height to sit on and noodle away 😁
  3. Smaller Ashdown practice amp that I used to use in my bedroom and on smaller gigs, been sat gathering dust for a few years now, sounds pretty decent and could keep up with a tame drummer, it’s actually quite heavy despite the small size. The rubber on the handle has come off but the metal holds fine, it’s been like that for ages and hasn’t been a problem. Any questions or more info just ask. Collection on the Wirral or I would be willing to drive a bit to meet up. PRICE DROP now £75
  4. ABM 500 III Head - Withdrawn for now MAG 4x10T Deep 50 Toneman 1x15 Deep 50 The head and 4x10 are in pretty tatty but working condition as they’re a few years older than the 1x15, I fell out of love with the sound of it and definitely fell out of love with carrying it all around. But when I busted out to take these photos I was pleasantly surprised with how good it sounds, really rich warm tone, sounded great with my Squier P. The 4x10 has some white spray paint on top and the front cover is sort of hanging off. The speakon connector was recently replaced by yours truly, the soldering isn’t exactly he best work but seems to be ok, I tested it and wiggled the wire round a bit and it didn’t crackle or cut out, and I put casters on the bottom to save carrying it too, not exactly heavy duty but good enough to push through a pub. If there’s anything you want to know just ask. Collection only from Wirral CH46 but I would be willing to drive an hour or so to meet up, if you want to come and hear it in action I could book a local rehearsal room so you can give it a proper blast.
  5. Just this weekend I put Warwick Red Label strings on my Sandberg, I think they sound great - really bright and defined. Can't speak to the lifespan of them though as they've only been on 3 days but could be worth a go for less than a tenner 👍
  6. Bought a Tecamp Puma from Enzo, great guy, great communication and fantastic to deal with. Would recommend!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Having recently acquired a Sandberg VM5 I can't afford in an effort to reconcile my gear I'm having to let go of a couple of other basses to get my money back. Next up is this great 6 string Yamaha, this is a fantastic way to have a go at 6 string bassin' if you haven't already, I just found it wasn't for me, great fun messing round with chordy stuff at home and seemed to get on with it fine in the confines of my own house but tried to take it out gigging with me and my hands turned to jelly and I was reaching for a 4 string at the next oppurtunity. Nothing really bad to say about this bass lovely low action and I've found it great to play when my brain wasn't turning to mush. Active electronics - 3 band EQ, Volume & Pickup pan. Weighs just under 11lb/5kg. Any trials welcome, I'm based on the Wirral, if you have questions let me know. Should be able to post if needed. Photos here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZSRbUZL6p-QkKiyAkD4eNJZXwaNXjDzq
  9. Having recently acquired a Sandberg VM5 I can't afford in an effort to reconcile my gear I'm having to let go of a couple of other basses to get my money back. So here we have a lovely 42 year old (birthday October 23 1975) Gibson G3. Possibly the coolest looking basses in existence in my opinion, but for my 4 string needs was always losing out to my Jazz. It's a player's bass so it's a shame for it to spend most of it's life hanging on a wall apart from the occasional noodle at home. Pretty nice and light, at least lighter than the Jazz bass and sounds ace especially played with a pick. I've got the bridge cover + screws somewhere too I'll dig them out and add them to the photos. Now for the slightly bad side it has a very slight twist in the neck which I believe a lot of these basses suffer from, but doesn't affect the playability whatsoever and I haven't noticed it at all when actually playing it. I've tried to photograph it but if that photo doesn't suffice let me know and I will try to get a better one. Weighs about 8lb Any trials welcome, I'm on the Wirral, and postage is an option as I've kept hold of the box my Sandberg came in from Thomann. Any questions let me know - photos here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qnJXmEDd0CootsTFyQBIZT_c0qxMYGjM
  10. I’ll come up, I’ll bring my Sandberg VM5, Gibson G3, Yamaha TRB1006J and a few pedals Been meaning to drop a line in here for ages to say I’m up for it.. hope I’m not too late!
  11. Thanks for the help, probably best to give this a miss and wait to get a proper one further down the line
  12. This has just popped up on Gumtree.. [url="https://www.gumtree.com/p/double-bass/double-bass-b-h-400-1-2-size/1265743450"]https://www.gumtree....size/1265743450[/url] I've been looking to get started on the double bass for a while now, would this be any good for a beginner? I'm worried about the 1/2 size or would that not make much difference in the end? Surely for £100 it's got to be worth a punt... surely?
  13. I bought a P bass body from Gary, speedily delivered and well packed. Great comms throughout too - would thoroughly recommend
  14. I bought a Yamaha trb1006j from Antonio and I would recommend him to anyone, fantastic communication all the way through and very open an honest, an all round great guy. Packaging on the bass was fantastic, plenty of bubble wrap and well boxed up, have no fear if you're getting a bass posted by Antonio. Thanks again Dan
  15. With case: £500 without: £450 Up for sale is my Japanese Fretless Jazz, serial number dates it to the early 90's I bought it from Bagsieblue on here a couple of years ago and while I've enjoyed my time with it, it has spent more time than it should hanging up on my wall, and as I'm thinning my collection, it's time to move it on. I restrung it with black nylon LaBella's when I got it and it's still wearing those now, as you can hopefully see on the photos it has minimal fretboard wear only noticeable in the right light really, and only one or two marks on the front and some buckle rash on the back. Weighs in at 9lbs using the ever reliable method of weighing myself while holding it. Collection is strongly preferred especially without case but I should be able to put something together for postage at cost to the buyer if needed. I'm based in Wirral. I'm not sure if I've forgotten anything, if I have just ask, thanks for looking. More photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7rhphGRdgR4LTFBTXF5NVdnQUE
  16. That was fast! If only I'd procrastinated from work an hour sooner!
  17. Just thought I'd say hello as I've been lurking around on the 'basses for sale' thread for a while now. But the main reason I've popped up on here is because the band I was in for 2 and a half years has just split (only a bog standard pub band, nothing special) but I'm just going to try and see the silver lining and because I've been playing for 3 years I've realised that I'm not where I could be or where I want to be with my playing, seeing as most of the songs we played had relatively simple (boring) basslines. Over the past 6 months or so I've been trying to get into jazz and trying to learn scales and theory. So I'll be more active here looking for advice on those things and as I can see a lot of wisdom floating around on this site I'm sure there will be someone willing to give me some pointers
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