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  1. I've contacted Andertons for my return, shouldn't be a problem I hope as I've kept all the original packaging and only used it once at a rehearsal last night so it's still like new. But then I went to the Barefaced website and couldn't resist the allure of the Two10 instead, so I've ended up spending more. Thought I was above it all but I've proved I'm a bit of a sucker for black friday!
  2. Just got my One10 through Andertons on Monday, made up with it and looking forward to using it on the weekend but I can't turn down a 70 quid saving so I'll have to return it! 😫
  3. I bought a set of double bass strings from Marc, came quickly in the post and the strings are ace, nice one 👍 Cheers Dan
  4. I’m convinced classic vibe basses from around that time are going to be future classics, they’re a nightmare to get hold of already. Considering how many of them must have been produced in the first place they come up for sale quite rarely!
  5. Funny you should say that, I wasn’t going to mention it because I didn’t want to start the usual debate over reselling at a profit, but it did actually get relisted on eBay.. Think it still got snapped up even at a £800 profit 😳
  6. Just think of the guitar tech cost to get that sorted!! Yeah I got a decent ‘Squire’ bass a couple of years ago for £45, collection only helps too - less chance of a bidding war starting.
  7. That makes a lot more sense! To be honest I hadn’t even clocked the Pan blocks, I’ll give it a go tomorrow but seems like a nice simple solution 😊
  8. I was trawling through eBay’s sold listings for Squier basses to see how often fiesta red classic vibes come up (extremely rarely) and spotted this. Looks like someone was in the right place at the right time and managed to nab bargain of the century, provided its genuine - JV P in fiesta red for 150 quid. From now on I’m checking daily, you never know what might pop up!
  9. Thanks for the help, but with a bit more farting around I've got what I needed. It seems putting either a Send L OR Send R (only works when using one at a time) gives just the pitch shifter coming from the headphone out on the left of the Stomp, every other output still gives a mix of everything, but I can work with that. Is it just me or are the Sends a bit broken or a bit arcane in trying to figure out what will send stuff where?
  10. I'm wondering can anyone help me? I've got a simplified version of my problem here, I want to send just the pitch shift to one output and just the ring mod to another. I've put a send L after one and a send R after the other but every output on the Stomp is giving me the same thing - a mix of both. Is it possible to do or am I missing something completely obvious?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. I've mentioned these on here before but give the Warwick Red Label strings a go - mega cheap and they're pretty good IMO
  13. If postage is an option I would be interested in the Sandberg?
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