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  1. Mine is the one and only JAE John Entwistle. This guy is the reason for bass being played and sounding like it is today, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't probably have the roundwound sound. Working along with James Howe to create that brightness incredible. All you have to do is listen to one of the most talked about bass sounds ever, live at leeds!! That bright chugging he gets from using a plectrum and you know he's using it, to that powerful driving low end and of course the trademark roto growl. He was a genius and as said before he did for bass what Jimi Hendrix did for guitar. RIP Ox, Gone but never forgotten.
  2. have you still got this for sale?
  3. Reduced Price, Needs to be gone. Arguments with the missus
  4. Selling My beloved Cort Rithimic, It's taken a while for me to have the balls to sell this bass, it's somehow got a hold on me but I don't play it anymore. It was one of the 12 basses that actually went to the london bass guitar show when they got first released, it should have been there but a guy I know who knows a guy pulled some strings and got it for me before it went there and he also handpicked the nicest looking one for me. it really is a fantastic bass the pickups are great the neck is slim and fast and also its very light so not so hard on the shoulder, hipshot ultra light tuners and the famous babicz bass bridge. no buckle rash on the back of the bass because I never play my basses that low and also no nicks or gashes anywhere by far my best kept bass. I've given it a quick tweek and theres a slightly high fret on it and would benifit from a professional set up, it has a set of fresh rotosound nickle strings on and theres nothing more I can say apart from watch youtube videos and visit the cort website to find out more details on it. I can also send more photos upon request it has wear on the bridge but thats just from playing the bass, I'm more of a precision bass fan myself and this is going to fund another P bass.
  5. Markbass Jeff Berlin Combo, reduced price, needs to be gone. Selling because I hardly use this amp anymore, in all fairness I wasn't comfy with it at all. I had what is known as the greatest bass amp company in the world behind me and I still couldn't get along with it. it's 300 watts on its own but put an enxtension cab on there and it goes to 500w, its the made in Italy version with the B&C speaker which they don't use now I believe. No tweeter just pure classic bass sound without any of the artificial frequencies, DI out etc etc... It has a cover with it which is nothing fancy I used my mothers sweing machine and made it myself, comes with the markstand wedge and also the bass keeper too and for shits and giggles I'll even throw in my Markbass Lanyard. It's done a few gigs has a bit of wear on the sign but nothing major it has been by far my best kept amp. I would post it but once its gone with the courier it is no longer my responsability but I would prefer collection so I know its safe. I'm based in stoke on trent and also a 5 minute drive from the M6 [attachment=249847:IMG_1170.jpg][attachment=249848:IMG_1168.jpg][attachment=249849:IMG_1171.jpg][attachment=249850:IMG_1169.jpg][attachment=249851:IMG_1167.jpg]
  6. Hey guys, I'm selling my Markbass Super synth pedal. for £165 I've only ever used it twice I put velcro on it for my pedalboard and never gigged it I always took it off. It's a great pedal I just have no use for it whatsoever. I haven't put a postage price but I will post no problem just want to get the best postage price for whoever is buying it. Everything comes with the pedal. [attachment=177927:IMG_1164.jpg] [attachment=177927:IMG_1164.jpg][attachment=177928:IMG_1165.jpg] [attachment=177929:IMG_1166.jpg] [attachment=177930:IMG_1167.jpg] [attachment=177931:IMG_1168.jpg] [attachment=177932:IMG_1169.jpg] [attachment=177933:IMG_1170.jpg]
  7. Getting rid of my peavey Mark IV bass amp quick sale. It needs to be gone ASAP. Collection from stoke on Trent. £40
  8. I have a korg DTR 1000 for sale £40 for quick sale, Willing to post as long as you pay the postage, if not you can always come pick it up. It's in mint condition and I will supply power lead for it. Email me for pictures [email protected], private message for more details regarding postage etc etc. Based in stoke on trent
  9. Alesis 3630 Dual channel rack compressor for sale. No longer used as have downsized all my gear, It has the original power pack with it too. Pictures upon request at [email protected] Based in stoke on trent
  10. Another item for sale, Hartke transporter cab. £40 one speaker has broken but the other three are fine, maybe it could be used for spares or even give larry hartke a call and ask how much for a new speaker ?. As I said in a previous post I can't take it with me as everything is downsizing, so I thought maybe one of you could make use of it. Pictures upon request, email me at [email protected] based in stoke on trent
  11. I'm selling a Hartke HA2500 it is broken unfortunately, htere is sound coming out of it but it's very fizzy and not much volume ? I was going to keep hold of it and fix it myself but due to a big move happening it has to go. So if any of you want this and take on the repair yourself then you can have it for £50. For pictures please email me at [email protected] Based in stoke on trent
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