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  1. Love the natural Sadowsky with a maple fretboard and dots - best combination 😀
  2. Hope you can help - I find myself in a band with an inexperienced singer (whom I have grown to be friends with) who can change the key on the night depending on how they are feeling - (tight throat - but nerves I'm thinking) - it reminds me of doing Summer Seasons in the 80s and the talent competition moment where the guests, without warning, change their key several times during a performance, then the next one does and so on...then, they turn round and blame the band...cheek of it- lol......anyway back to help request..... I've been looking at the Digitech Drop and EHX Pitch Fork and the second one Pitch Fork + - its to get me through the night - change of key up and down ....any experiences/recommendations are welcome.....thanks
  3. These are GREAT amps and love mine - Line 6 liked them soooooo much they included them in their POD amp/cabs/effects units with a history of amps included in their booklet, and their reasons why they choose them - this amp was a BIG break through at the time = and still is, distinctive sound.
  4. They are lovely basses - still have the one I bought from you several years ago - my main bass
  5. I have the sunburst roadworn model and they are truly wonderful to play. If you are even semi interested/curious, do some research and buy one - they really are some of the best Mexican Fenders ever made
  6. I've played my Japanese Metro UV70 for almost 10 years and its my main bass. I was so impressed I bought another (also a Metro) - they have different strings on and used for different bands/styles of music. I find guitars played in a bit more comfortable to play - its a bit like buying a secondhand upmarket car.....
  7. I ordered four of these for three different basses several years ago and they are a wonderful idea and VERY useable 👍
  8. I have one of the originals, and if this reissue is anything like the original the buyer is in for a hell of a ride - used correctly, and through a capable PA system that can handel it, it will transform your bottom end and the keyboard player will wonder what happened
  9. I bought one around 5 years ago - lovely basses = good playing investment
  10. All great advice above - here's my two penny worth - If you take a look online (say ebay or smile amazon) and search for antivibration mats, that some people use in flats under their washing machine/dishwasher, you'll find a great solution
  11. That's right Downunderwonder - well spotted - its a Uke Bass - (see my previous post) - but an Eminence is
  12. My Kala EUB has a pre already built into it - I leave the EQ flat, as on the combo amp, for monitoring purposes, then DI to house
  13. I am a great fan of the Eminence EUB and bought an up-together, removeable neck version, second hand about 5 years ago. I took it to a string luither who adjusted it to my requirements. He did shoot the fingerboard a little, new strings, slight bridge adjustment amongst a few other small things. The biggest impact tonally for me was placing a pre-amp before my combo - made a BIG difference. Plays wonderfully and often gets comments on how great it sounds.
  14. I use an AER One for my Eminence EUB, Sadowsky and Uke Bass, also through a Bigshot - I leave the lead in the EUB all the time and mute when I need to swap between the Sadowsky and Uke. Put amp on an acoustic platform with the tilt up and you're ready to play
  15. Pop into a Camera shop in your town and pickup a s/hand case as they always have people trading in cases - good quality and save you lots too
  16. Another gem Mike - and they keep coming 😀
  17. If i'm 100% open on this thread what i'm REALLY after is - a 4-string, reverse, all maple (AAA/AAAA) with a wonderful grain - tiger strip type - with the decal in a readable position - not upside down - probably expensive …..sound possible?
  18. Ahhhh- he means Status as in the necks/Bass company - I wondered where he was going with that comment for a moment 😂
  19. Pardon - not quite sure i understand the what you mean here...….?
  20. Point taken Si - I didn't want to get to much into it at this stage as I was more interested to learn of supplies names in this country......but I still hear what you are saying, so - a maple neck/fingerboard reverse 4-string neck to fit a p-bass - any ideas?
  21. Thanks Rich - I did see that on my first round of research but its not what i'm really after
  22. I want to purchase a new neck with certain specs and wondered if any of your lovely fellow Bass Players could recommend a British company I can purchase one from. I don't want one made (way too expensive for my needs) just a simple purchase. Thanks x
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