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  1. im just getting back into bass after a lockdown hiatus and reading this is how i've learned Dwarfcraft is closed sad news
  2. bought an MXR bass preamp from Tiernan, sent promptly and packaged really well, pedal just as advertised 👍 Cheers
  3. wrong sir as he has a chorus from me now too 😁 Stew replied to an ancient FS thread of mine and was still interested when i got back to him months later so top gent in my book 😎
  4. The T 40 is pretty ridiculous, certainly cause I was using my Traben before which is really light. Better pump some iron between that, the cab and the mark III 😅
  5. 2020 was a hell of a year, I have to confess I onyl saw this reply yesterday my man. If by some double miracle you're still interested let me know as I still have it lol.
  6. bought a cab off Dave tonight who is a really lovely gentleman, gave me the option of two heads and a wall of basses to test. Bonus points for the curious cat appearance. Good craic talking about gear. Cab is in great condition as described, 10/10. only downside ended up being roadworks on the way back!
  7. cheers Dave it was lovely to meet you, and the cat was quite spoilt for choice on the bass front Scott
  8. Selling this boy, no space on my board and I'm skint. Can ship anywhere in the UK, though I'm in Glasgow/Ayrshire for swapping in person. As new, I've hardly used it and stuck to the Through Zero flanger which I hopefully dont have to end up listing later. Cash is king. Pics to follow. Scott
  9. All prices include UK shipping, cash is king and can't entertain trades unfortunately. Iommisknob - £120 Barely used one off treble booster with a cool etch job I won in a charity draw by Dunwich Amps (he is NOT the builder however, it may be Magic Pedals or someone similar but I've honestly forgotten in the mists of time). Ludicrously bright LED. Probably bound for reverb/fleabay but listed anyway. Dwarftcraft HAX - £100 OOP ring modulator, has frequency, voltage starve and clean blend controls. Footswitches are on/off and another to switch between high and low freqs. As with a lot of ring mods there is a little carrier bleed with can be mostly avoided by having the starve in the right place but I'd still have it in an effects loop. 3leaf PWNZOR - £150 Also OOP, would rather not part with this but I'm not getting much play time with uni. Ovnilabs review is here: (http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/pwnzor.shtml) Ungigged and in fine condition. DOD Bass Stereo Flanger - £50 Old but gold, selling cause I have another flanger and having two seems daft. Perhaps most importantly comes with an adaptor for a standard centre negative supply, alas DODs old power inputs and battery hatch's were absolutely terrible lol, and the footswitches are strange too, the effect itself is great though.
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