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  1. I suffer terribly from shoulder pain. I bought a custom strap from our very own Karl and have had no issues since. I use a heavy bass too. His straps are expensive but worth it.
  2. edster

    Moffat Bass Bash 8

    Another great bash. Many thanks to Alan and Dave for organising it. Looking forward to next year.
  3. I have a Stagg EUB which if you're in Glasgow you're very welcome to try. I've only been playing it for 2 weeks so can't really pass an informed opinion yet. I got it to try my hand at DB and have so far found it addictive!
  4. I recently received my strap from Karl. I only waited 6 days from order to delivery. Fantastic for a custom piece. It looks fabulous in black with black stitching. I suffer from shoulder problems which I receive treatment for. I've been using the strap for 3 days now without any of my usual aches. That included a 3 hour rehearsal last night. The strap does not slide on my shoulder thus securing the bass at my preferred angle. I use a heavy Sandberg and for the first time I'm not aware of its weight. I thoroughly recommend this strap. Great quality.
  5. edster

    Moffat Bass Bash 8

    Looking forward to it. Be good to see fellow BC'ers again.
  6. Seen them on both occasions they've played Glasgow. 25 years apart. First with Muzz and then Doug. Both times were phenomenal. Had tickets to see them in October but they cancelled their tour. Vivid is an amazing album.
  7. When I gigged I never had a spare to take and never had need of one. I'm about to start gigging again and think the most I'll take is spare batteries and strings. This time I do have other basses but I can't see me taking one
  8. Thanks Karl. Will email you when I have the required measurements.
  9. I'll get myself measured up to place an order. How much extra would it be for my name placed where you have "Karl" and how much for each extra strap hole in pippen design?
  10. Just started playing in a covers band after many years away from rehearsal rooms. Liked the look of the classic filter so have purchased the pro filters. My hearing's bad as it is so I can't afford to lose any more.
  11. Great. Put me on the list for a black one.
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