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    PauBass' Feedback

    Sold my Aerodyne to Pablo, if anything, I slowed down the transaction, the chap's simply brilliant to deal with. In the spirit of Ebay: A++++++++ Would deal with again
  2. Crikey, this place is busier than I ever remember it. First of hopefully not many bumps.
  3. [color=#ff0000][size=6][u][b]SOLD ()[/b][/u][/size][/color] [u]Fender Aerodyne - AJB58 - CIJ - Japanese Non-export - Black - £525 (inc delivery)[/u] [url="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v638/buzzmong/Instruments/Aerodyne/?action=view&current=DSCF1498.jpg"][/url] I threatened to put this on sale last year but I never got around to it, sadly the curse of unemployment is somewhat pushing me into getting it on here. This one was bought from Malcom at the GuitarEmporium (who after a brief hiatus, is now back!), who got it imported over from Japan. Comes in a Warwick Rockcase hardcase, which is a pretty sturdy thing and a bloomin' good fit, although it's slightly scuffed. I've also put the original Fender softcase in the case as well, unused in its poly bag. The bass is in [i]very good[/i] condition, you probably could class it as "near-mint". I'm not going to lie and say it's perfect though, there's a small bruise in the finish in the lower bout (south of the control plate) which I've tried to show in the photos. That was caused by me knocking it on the edge of a wooden chair in my haste to answer a phonecall. There's also a small bit of damage to the clear coat on the hole for the truss rod key behind the nut. If you've got a syringe, you can fix it easily with a bit of superglue or similar as it's just cracked and raised from the wood slightly. Again it's shown in the photos. Both things really don't stand out and are only noticable if you're really looking for them. All in all, it's a very good bass. It's very good to play, typical narrow Jazz neck with quite a thin profile, it's not Geddy Lee thin though, so it does stay in tune It's got a basswood body as well, so it's rather light, still sounds lovely, the p-pup sounds lovely and the j-pup just gives it that extra bit of bite. If it wasn't for the fact I'm still umming and ahhing about a T-Bird Pro IV and the fact I've already got a jazz in the form of a (inferior) Squier VMJ, and I'm too scared of damaging something so pretty, then I'd be keeping this one. [url="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v638/buzzmong/Instruments/Aerodyne/"]A good selection of Photos are here on my photobucket account[/url] (Please tell if you can't access them) This'll be on here for a week or two, after that it's going on Ebay for a slightly higher price. [u][b]TL;DR:[/b][/u] [i][b]SEXY BLACK JAPANESE AERODYNE JASS BASS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.[/b][/i] [b][i]On Sale for £525 delivered[/i].[/b] [u]Other relevent info:[/u] Strings on it are somewhat old EB Super Slinkies (40-100 iirc) and I've also got an NOS 80's rear J-pup which I can throw in on request if you want to replace the stock one with a more powerful j-pup. [size=3]NB: If anyone does buy it and if you take it gigging, please tell me, closest thing this bass got to gigging was being used in a couple of practices for an ill-fated band.[/size] [size=3]Here, have another picture:[/size] [url="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v638/buzzmong/Instruments/Aerodyne/?action=view&current=DSCF1516.jpg"][/url] [color=#ff0000][size=6][u][b]SOLD (to a BC member)[/b][/u][/size][/color]
  4. On the mention of Bieber, something annoyed me chronic yesterday when I flicked past the music channels on the telobox. While I couldn't care less about the Canadian teeny bopper having a career and milking it, what's irked me is that he's done a single with Chris Brown. The issue? Chris Brown is a woman beater and is the chap who battered the crap out of Rihanna. He should not have a career, much less get it bolstered by person like Bieber who not only has a massive fanbase, but relies on a squeaky clean image.
  5. Buzz

    Pink Precision

    I'd have gone with black pup covers, but that pink looks rather nice.
  6. Now that Frankie Poullain and his bandana wearing handlebar moustache is back in The Darkness, they might actually make a good album again (he left/got kicked before the second album, which tanked).
  7. Smooth as butter for me. Sure it's not your 'net connection? Also: wrong section
  8. Send a PM to the user Poptart, he's the chap behind BassDirect and might be able to give you more info.
  9. [quote name='neepheid' post='1255087' date='Jun 3 2011, 09:36 AM']It's simply because no-one ever buys anything on this forum, right Tim? [/quote]
  10. Buzz

    Amp Guts

    You know, it does irk me that with modern mass produced electronics you get easily breakable items that wear out (potentiometers) soldered directly to the PCB. I know it's cheaper to manufacture, but dear god, it's just bad design wise.
  11. Gawd, that Clayton bass looks tawdry.
  12. Exactly what icastle said, the "proper" way of doing it would be to make a small plug from a dowl, but the cocktail stick method works just as well if not better. I'd try that first and seeing how it balances with the original hole. I know from experience the normal Epiphone T-Birds don't balance well unless you move the strap button to the neck heel but I've no idea what the Pro's are like due to the different construction.
  13. Grolsch o-rings are brilliant. Much better than the Schaller straplocks I've used before. I've made sure I've got spares for if/when I get new instruments. No, you can't have them. Well, unless you buy me the beer first.
  14. 40Gb and you're getting worried...I'd be asking your hosts why you've got such little HDD space considering it's cheap as chips these days.
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