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  1. [quote name='Cameronj279' timestamp='1437515667' post='2826776'] I've always loosened the strings but never took them off for shipping. Never had any issues. As for shipping I've always used UPS via Interparcel. [/quote] Thanks, handy advice. I think I'm likely to take the bass on the flight with me as extra baggage. Planning on using Seven Seas Worldwide to ship most of my clothes, little amp etc. but will bear in mind UPS if I have to post the bass too.
  2. Bought myself a Hiscox case today, should arrive next week I hope. Should I destring the bass for flying? Truss rod need any adjustment?
  3. If I win the lottery I'll be grabbing this, beautiful bass. GLWTS!
  4. [list] [*]Have you tried Elixir strings before? [/list] Only on a few basses I've tried out in shops (when I've primarily been trying out the bass, not the strings), never bought a set myself.[list] [*]What other brands are you familiar with? [/list] Rotosound is my standard go-to but in the past I've used DR (coated), Warwick, Ernie Ball, D'Addario.[list] [*]What bass(es) will you try the new strings on? [/list] Just my Sandberg California TM5. I lost a bunch of basses in a warehouse fire in 2013 and was put off playing for a year or so. Got the desire to play back, now working on getting my chops back![list] [*]What sort of environment will you be playing them in (e.g studio, gigging, practicing) [/list] It will be mainly home practice given the above. I'm also looking to emigrate (to China) very soon, whereupon I hope to get back into live playing, and maybe some studio time too.[list] [*]Why do you think you'll be a good candidate to test the strings? [/list] I've done the "style" of bass strings and bass playing - bright red ones on a customised Thunderbird in a silly hair metal band - with the re-learning being a bass player I've been going through recently (and the hair all gone), I'm now a lot more about the "substance" than just the gimmicks. Also, I have a varied musical taste, usually listen to rock and metal but prefer playing everything from Jamiroquai to classical pieces, which means using a really wide range of tones and techniques.[list] [*]Links to any blogs/reviews you may have already posted (not essential but interesting) [/list] I've never particularly reviewed musical gear other than in sales posts. I used to be sent albums to review for a website (chosen as a writer rather than fan submitted), though the site is sadly now defunct. If you'd like to see my review writing in the form of critical analysis of recent books I've read, look no further than the Amazon (.co.uk). Best, Dan
  5. And also, it appears that the ESP EQ in the proper version can be picked up for £90 (hope the cinnamon comes with it): http://www.amazon.co.jp/ESP-CINNAMON-ACTIVE-CIRCUIT-%E3%83%99%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B9%E3%83%97%E3%83%AA%E3%82%A2%E3%83%B3%E3%83%97/dp/B001SLIUCU So with that, if I don't mind 3P maple neck over 7P maple/paduak/walnut and dot markers over MoP ones, plus the obvious logo on the headstock, the saving is £2000!!!!! Seems like a no brainer, not sure who is buying the proper ESP model here.
  6. [quote name='PlungerModerno' timestamp='1432762269' post='2784817'] +1 even with the considerable mass behind the bridge (judging from the photos), and assuming it has a very shallow neck profile & light tuners - it's not going to balance like a Jazz bass. [/quote] I thought that but the neck strap lock position appears to be on the back of the body, which is what most Thunderbird owners do (I had a few and they're unmanageable without the adjustment). That said, getting GAS for something it's not possible to play in this country is always an issue. Anyone ever even seen one of these?
  7. [quote name='JimBobTTD' timestamp='1432615223' post='2783200'] I had an Edwards Les Paul that was utterly fantastic. I bought it from Ishibashi. If you can live with the fact that it is not the real thing, go for it. The fact that it was not a Gibson ate at me and, after a while, I bought a Gibson and sold the Edwards. In spite of all that, I ended up with an ESP Les Paul Custom type guitar that I still have today and the Gibson was sold years ago. [/quote] I've been persistently averse to Warwick Rockbasses, ESP LTD's (had one, really didn't like it). That said I've had about 4 Epiphone Thunderbirds in various guises and always been ok with them not being the real Gibson deal. Some really positive reviews of these Japanese ESPs/Edwards here which is reassuring.
  8. [quote name='PTB' timestamp='1432465902' post='2781668'] I worked for a couple of years with a guitarist who had an Edwards 335 which was very nice - Seymour Duncan PAFs as standard. He told me that it was an ESP-made brand that was only meant to be sold in Japan, not for export. No doubt someone will be along to confirm or correct shortly :-) [/quote] Sounds like these Edwards are decent then. I may be able to get to Japan quite easily (see my other recent thread, any emigrating tips appreciated) so if they don't export that may not be an issue for me. Any obvious downsides to saving myself a significant amount and getting the cheaper bass?
  9. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1432365507' post='2780789'] The RD Artist copy looks good. Just looked at the main website...it hurts my eyes. [/quote] RD?
  10. Ok I've got some serious GAS for this far eastern wonder. Looking at the ESP Japan website the Edwards E-TT is a third of the price of the ESP D-TT Trickstar for what looks like a very similar spec. I know nothing about this Edwards brand. Can anyone tell me the key differences, and has anyone even seen one of these in the flesh, let alone played one? Link to ESP site here: http://www.espguitars.co.jp/artist/toshiya/ Cheers, Dan
  11. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1431588375' post='2772774'] Where are you moving to? If it's day to buy musical equipment there you might be better off getting an new practice amp out there. For shipping internationally I've always used UPS or FedEx via InterParcel As a Warwick hard case owner I've not been very impressed with either the build quality or durability (plus they are very heavy) If you don't already have a case get a Hiscox LiteFlite. No preparation is necessary IME. Musical instrument manufacturers ship guitars and basses all the time with the strings tuned up to pitch. Check the luggage allowances for your flight. It might still be cheaper to ship the bass. [/quote] Going to China. Buying something made locally will be cheap, but I don't trust tr quality and chinese import taxes are high on almost anything foreign made.
  12. Used to crank this album in my cd Walkman on the way to school. The whole album is incredible and some cracking baselines.
  13. Hi all, All being well I'll be emigrating in August. I'll be wanting to take my Sandberg, and ideally my practice amp with me. I may not have the luxury of carrying them myself so:[list] [*]How does one ship a bass intercontinentally, any recommended couriers? [*]Is a bulletproof Warwick hard case the best bet for protection? [*]How do you prepare the bass? Strings off and truss rod loosened? If so, by how much? [*]Do any of the above change if carrying it myself on a plane rather than shipping/air freighting it? [*]Is it more hassle than it's worth taking a practice amp with me? [/list] Cheers, Dan
  14. Gonna bump this up. Definitely keen to sell now, really happy with my 5er for the forseeable future!
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