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  1. +1 for these being good bits of kit, I have the VT2 but mostly use same settings as VT1. The headphones socket on mine has the same problems but doesnt bother me.
  2. +1 on the last post, any tech specs would be appreciated
  3. unol

    feedback for unol

    This is my feedback thread
  4. unol

    Feedback for Jacko

    Bought a EBS 212 from Jacko recently and he's been a great guy to deal with.
  5. unol

    Ashdown MiBass

    Cheers for the confirmation. Thought I'd double check before going ahead.
  6. unol

    Ashdown MiBass

    [quote name='gjones' timestamp='1373306135' post='2135943'] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]I run My MiBass 550 through a 4 ohm Eminence Kappa 15" speaker I fitted in my old Ashdown Cab. Sounds great and is plenty loud enough to compete with loud drummer and AC30 equipped guitarist.[/font][/color] [/quote] I'm planning on doing the same with an EBS 4 ohm 650w cab I got off here recently. It'll be fine just to run the cab off one of the amp outputs right? (provided I don't put another cab into the other output)
  7. unol

    Ashdown MiBass

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.
  8. unol

    Ashdown MiBass

    I just grabbed one of these amps the other day but has come without the manual. Does anyone out there have a digital copy of the manual they'd please be able to share or possibly scan in a hard copy (big ask I know)? Cheers
  9. Great, looking forward to hearing your opinion on it.
  10. Any further thoughts on this amp borisbrain? I've been looking around and this bit of kit seems to be the best bang per buck on a combo setup. Any idea what the frequency response is like? I can't seem to find any published data anywhere. Would you say that with EQ set flat the response is pretty neutral?
  11. Cheers for the bits of info lou. I'm defintately feeling a bit of a GAS build up for the one of these. Now I just have to figure out whether to go for the 115 or 210.
  12. What about a Kala U-bass? Same comments apply regarding di or small amp etc, but they seem to hold value if you wanted to get rid and they have some nice sounds which could be good for a acoustic gig.
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