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  1. Hey Tom, do you still have the guitar boxes? im looking for one to ship a jazz bass Regards Matt.
  2. What about visigoths bass or some quality basses from the luthiers luthier no one can mention they'd be great basses for someone to win, lol.
  3. [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1451465842' post='2940611'] Because of the F1 association, The Chain is probably the bass line most people know, but how many of them know it's a bass? However, for us bass nerds, I'd throw in Come Together and These Boots Are Made For Walking. [/quote]come together was the first bass line I learnt :-)
  4. How weird, good times is the one I was thinking of :-(
  5. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1451462749' post='2940592'] Really? I wouldn't events regard that as Chic's most recognisable bass line 😞 [/quote]no I probably thought it might be a good one, under pressure was my first thought but its something different;-)
  6. Rip lemmy a true legend :-)
  7. Rolling Stones and Mumford and sons at Glastonbury absolutely packed out amazing also Tom o'dell.
  8. [quote name='Annoying Twit' timestamp='1448643211' post='2917132'] Has anyone on this thread suddenly disappeared, and never been heard off again? Given that they're making some new episodes of The League of Gentlemen, perhaps they might buy it as a prop. [/quote]yes a cheese grater she's my bitch now lol ;-)
  9. [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1446740128' post='2901941'] He has 2? I am not surprised there are only 7 examples. Why would anyone do it? [/quote]ah he has a pride
  10. Is it me, or is the top string not even over the fretboard what a pile of sh*te
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