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  1. Bored stiff. Shall I buy more gear? We're at 9 basses and 3 amp stacks oh and 3 combo amps.

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    2. andybassdoyle


      Early days I'd say

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      If you have the space, and the cash - it's your hobby... there's no right or wrong - if you take it in turns to play each one, that's fine.
      Having said that, I've been on a mission to reduce my collection lately - and recent movements have been 4 out, 2 in - and that sort of "feels" quite good, and perhaps very disciplined for me anyway. So many guitarists & bassists I know seem to have a bigger collection than they need. Oddly enough, it's the professional musicians I know, who have the least gear

    4. ProfJames


      Are you married?

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