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  1. Trumpton Riots - Half Man Half Biscuit (Not strictly playing the game there, but it's such a goody it deserves a mention!) A
  2. Another day in paradise - Phil Collins
  3. That's getting pretty tenuous chief! 😆
  4. Livin' after Midnight - Judasa Priest
  5. Santa Claus is coming to town - The Boss
  6. Especially with it being knurled like that - bring tears to the eyes thinking about it! A
  7. White lines - Grandmaster Flash
  8. Everything about you - Ugly Kid Joe
  9. Problem with Behringer TU300 tuner. There's your problem...
  10. Zoom B2.1u covers almost everything I could want from a multi FX unit. The only other thing I need is my Korg UB-1 Unibass, that I use like a rhythm guitarist in a box. He's a useful chap too - sits there quietly, doesn't argue, carries his own gear, keeps perfect time with me and doesn't need a cut of the gig money - what more could you ask for? A
  11. Never noticed that before! I like it! A
  12. No, that's Murphy's law. O'Toole's corollary says that Murphy was an optimist. A
  13. Completely correct. This is one of the reasons for a P pup is in 2 pieces - they're wound in opposite directions.
  14. Looks great, especially as it's your first attempt! My first (and so far only) build was designed around an Aria neck that I bought locally, with body wood coming free from work (apart from a few quid going into the staff tea & coffee fund) It's still around in MK somewhere, and it resurfaces from time to time at local jam nights.
  15. Use your tuner to compare the 12th fret harmonic against the fretted note at the 12th. If the fretted note is flat by comparison, move the bridge saddle toward the nut by loosening the intonation screw. If the fretted note is sharp, move the saddle back a little. You won't be able to get perfection across all the frets on all strings, but doing this will get as close as you're likely to ever need. Hope this helps! A
  16. 12th to bridge is usually a bit longer than nut to 12th - more so on the lower (B&E) strings than the top strings (G/C) A
  17. Zombie Zoo - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
  18. Get out of my dreams - Billy Ocean
  19. Dancing with Tears in my Eyes - Ultravox
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