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  1. Reckon a small amp and a small car to carry it around in would work equally well. Unless you wanted them both to hear it simultaneously...
  2. My last full-time band (well, strictly part-time, as we all had day jobs) was a 3-piece where I was the singing bass player. The guitarist took lead vocals on a handful of numbers, but other than that, I could live the Geddy/Sting/Lemmy dream. Loved it - I got to be the centre of attention (I've always been a bit of a show-off) while still remaining in the classic 'supporting' bass player role, keeping everything together, controlling the dynamics etc. (and occasionally pulling the rug out from under anyone who got too big for their boots 😈) Can't wait until the day I can get back to it! A
  3. If the bass player's not got the creative freedom to play his own lines, then it's not really an originals band, is it? A
  4. Never were truer words written by any bass player. Kudos to you, good sir.
  5. At which point you should have played him any tune with James Jamerson on it... silly billy!
  6. Yawning or Snarling - The Tragically Hip
  7. Let's be honest here - either would have been a pretty amazing thing to have done at any age. Fantastic tune. A
  8. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down) - Ramones Double points for that one surely?
  9. I'd go for either the domed chrome ones or the ones with 'volume' and 'tone' on them. Either go simple and elegant or self explanatory, leaving no doubt. I'd rule the heptagonal plastic ones out, mainly because of the shape. Not entirely useful I know, but that's the only opinion I've got, FWIW A
  10. Time (Clock of the Heart) - Culture Club
  11. Mate, you are definitely my kind of insane - this is the sort of thing I'd have been well up for in the past.
  12. I'd Rather Jack - the Reynolds Girls. (Now we've officially hit the low point of the thread...)
  13. Ah, young love... Nah, seriously though mate, I'm happy for ya. She sounds like a star. A
  14. Off topic here, but I've only just spotted that this band is a Spoonerism... Man, I've been slow on the uptake! A
  15. I can see where you're coming from. I think it gives you some kind of insight into the minds of the musos. A
  16. Sinatra's version I can take or leave, but I love Diamond Dave's version off of Eat 'em and Smile. A
  17. One of my all time fave videos. Bon looks like a proper nutter for about half the time A
  18. We have both kinds here - country and western... Class
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