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  1. I think Dan fitted a set of Rickenbacker HB1's in his Rick. Those are the humbuckers from the 4004. Awesome pick-ups. I'm thinking of putting them in my 4003 as well. With coil taps so I can also switch back to a toaster sound. Love that AC by the way, but I must admit I'm a bit of a fan.
  2. I have the 4 Stroke 500 as well and yes, it has much more volume on tap all the way up. It is not like some amps that have all the volume in the first quarter of the turn. It is a loud as hell amp. Fits my band perfectly though and the sound is brilliant. I have it pushing a 8 ohm Aguilar DB 410. But I can play on relatively low volume as well. That Barefaced cab must be insanely efficient.
  3. I like the amp a lot, so I decided to have TubeTown in Germany build me a head case for it. Sure looks the part!:
  4. I have the 4 Stroke sitting on an Aguilar DB410 (8ohm). Together they are a beast. Ballsy and assertive is spot on. They move a lot of air!
  5. The 4 Stroke has some sort of three dimensionality to the sound that reminds me of a full tube amp. With the so-called compressor the amp is even able to show a little hair. Love the prominent mids and the possibilities of the eq section. It's a keeper and I ordered a custom case with the right orange tolex for it!
  6. Yesterday was the first time I had the chance to let the 4 Stroke run loose. To cut a long story short: it’s awesome. Lots of lovely mids, controlled lows, way better in the band mix than my former Streamliner 900, and with a lot of heft to the tone. Especially paired with my SolidGoldFX Beta, the tone was to die for.
  7. It has arrived and it is a thing of beauty! I have to wait another week till next band practice to actually hook it up to my cab though... i have ordered a custom rack sleeve for it. That’ll take about six weeks, but I think the total result will be awesome.
  8. I got tired of looking at different amps... So I just ordered a 4 Stroke 500. Woohoo!
  9. This all sounds brilliant. Night have to go for it then. Im Still on the fence because I’d also like an Aguilar DB 750, but that one weighs as much as a car...
  10. I'm starting to like this Orange! I used to have an Ashdown ABM, then went full tube with an old Fender PA135. Nowadays I play a Genz Benz Streamliner 900. I really like the Streamliner, but somehow I'm on the look out for something else. Right now the short list is - Orange 4 Stroke 500 - Ashdown Head of Doom - A second or third hand Aguilar DB750 Advice is welcome. I have not decided yet. (playing a Ric through an Aguilar DB410 8 ohm)
  11. I like that Embassy! But I feel a bit cheated with the Bird. I've got a Gibson and I've been looking into changing the hardware to chrome or nickel. Left the idea because of the staggering costs and now they do this. They should've done this years ago.
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  13. Is that Fuzzrocious still available?
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