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  1. please don't tempt me with this beautiful piece. 😯😯😯 someone has to buy this. πŸ‘
  2. thank you. we'll check it out. πŸ‘
  3. if you're somewhere near stevenage, i could have set your bass up for you. πŸ˜€ http://basschat.co.uk/topic/273763-urgent-setup-help-needed/page__pid__2921359#entry2921359 [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1448364780' post='2914721'] Ayrshire in Scotland. A wee town called Beith, about 12 miles from Paisley. [/quote]
  4. he is in level 9. i am not sure what is included in his curriculum. i'll ask him.
  5. this is good material, but about the chords... i think the "Dm7" is supposed to be "D7" as you can see, the "F#" is played on that bar. πŸ‘ [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1449341860' post='2922801'] I've got this transcription with Roy Vogt on bass: [URL=http://s1221.photobucket.com/user/paul_510/media/Autumn%20Leaves%20with%20Chromaticism_zps7eta7oaq.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd471/paul_510/Autumn%20Leaves%20with%20Chromaticism_zps7eta7oaq.jpg[/IMG][/URL] [/quote]
  6. hi! i'd like to seek your advice/recommendation regarding the suitable textbook for music for my son who is currently in year 9. any site that you will suggest will be appreciated. probably i can buy it online. if you have one and/or if you want to dispatch them, please send me a PM. thank you in advance.
  7. hi! i was there during this cab shoot-out, and i am seriously considering buying the prosound 250w passive speaker one of these days (especially if they'll drop the price this friday). i was just wondering if there is anyone here that can share me a video of the prosound portion of the shoot-out... thanks in advance. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1443365096' post='2874128'] So, yesterday being a great day and all, below are the results form the cab shoot-out. I`ll also copy this to a post in Amps/Cabs so that others who might not click onto this one - how very dare they - can see what happened. So, the idea was, following on from last years amp shootout, to use the same bass and amp into a variety of cabs, and see if there was a particular theme/overall winner. As such, using my 2015 US Precision into a fairly neutral sounding Tecamp Puma 900 with all eq set at midday (in the hope it would be a flat setting), the cabs below were investigated. We did a section on 2x12s which seems to be a very poular cab nowadays, 1x15s, 1x12s, and then a very small misc section. For the purposes of the test if the cabs had tweeters I set them to be full on. I`ll list each cab, and the amount of votes it got from the audience as to whether it was their fave. So the 2x12 section, starting with my very own cab: Barefaced Super12T - 1 Schroeder 212 - 8 Bergantino CN212 - 9 EBS Neo 212 - 2 EAD 2x12 - 5 So a winner for the Bergantino, and pretty fed up that I made my own cab come last! Onto the 1x15s Markbass Traveller 115 - 3 Barefaced Compact (Gen2) - 8 Schroeder 115 - 11 Barefaced Compact (Gen 1) - 3 So a winner for Schroeder Onto the 1x12s Barefaced Super Midget (Gen 3) - 3 Schroeder 112 - 3 Fearless 112 (with mid speaker, think a 6?) - 13 Barefaced Big Baby2 (Gen 3) - 7 Prosound PA Cab - 2 A runaway victory for the Fearless then. The misc section was very small, being OBBMs Phil Jones 4x5 - so it won that section hands down (well done Dave). So onto the overall faves then, putting the winners from each section above: Fearless 112 - 4 Schroeder 115 - 5 Bergantino CN212 - 20 So overall the Berg tops it, but it was interesting that over the range of cabs that Schroeder, given the lack of presence of their cabs over here, did so well in all sections. I`m sure a lot of it is to do with the cabs fitting my attack-based playing style, but overall the Schros did very well. Many thanks to Brian (Oldman) for bringing them along. So, what were my impressions of the cabs used? Well my fave for the type of music I currently play was the Schroeder 212, as it really adds a cutting presence, a hi-mid bias I would say. For bands I`ve been in previously it would have been the Berg. But there were four real revelations for me: 1. The Barefaced Super Midget Gen 3 - such an amazing amount of sound from such a little cab. And quality sound too, not just volume. 2. Likewise with the Phil Jones 4x5, real presence and quality sound. 3. The Prosound PA Speaker - apparently Β£60 from Maplins. Did the job fine, and wasn`t lacking in any way. 4. I managed, yet again, to get my own gear to come last. This is a pattern that seems to be repeating itself. But the main thing was, given the variety of cab brands, sizes, configurations, was that I would have been happy to use any of them at a gig. Sure there were nuances to each cab, but overall this shootout showed me that gear is gear, and sure, we all like to get our own sounds if possible, but workable sounds can be gotten from an array of different speaker cabs. Maybe we all obsess just that bit too much (I`ve certainly established that I do from this). Lastly I`d like to thank Nik and Colin for asking me to do this, it was great fun, and to get to play through such an amazing range of cabs was just amazing. [/quote]
  8. I just bought a mu-tron iii+ by haz labs. Fast, hassle-free transaction. Well-packed box... with enough bubble wrap to protect the item. I won't hesitate to buy from him again in the future. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. i am keen to buy it. i just sent you a private message.
  10. thanks to all your warm welcomes. i hope to jam with you guys in the future. 🎸🎸🎸🎢🎢🎢
  11. hi! i'm alex from the philippines, currently living in stevenage. i was in singapore for a couple of years before moving here in the UK... just arrived 3 weeks ago. thanks to my friend ordep, i was fortunate to attend the herts bass bash 3 days ago. it's such a great group to be with. i learned to play the guitar in 1989 and i immediately shifted to bass after discovering that the main thing that made me groove my head to the song "come together" was the bass line played by paul mccartney (it's his birthday tomorrow). yes, i'm a fan of the beatles. i grew up with their songs, back in the days when my dad's vinyls were all over the place. it was around the year 2001 when i subsequently discovered the miles davis quintet (with coltrane). that changed everything. currently, i'm into playing jazz from swing to bop to bossa nova... but i do find comfort mostly in swing. as for gear, i still have with me the 1st ever bass that i ever bought for myself, a yamaha rbx 260f. i am proud of this bass. this 4-string fretless bass is still with me, with the following modifications: - epoxy fretboard - dimarzio model p and model j for the pickups - audere 2-band pickup - babicz fch bridge - bone nut - hipshot ultralite tuners - and of course, dunlop straploks here is how it sounds like: https://youtu.be/NSTvH6XaetQ aside from the above bass, i have a pedulla mvp 5-string bass. for my amp, i use a carvin bx250 plugged in an aguilar sL112. you can search me at youtube using any of the following keywords: - gyrus bass - gyrusssss - inner vibe trio - music improvisation collective i am currently looking for venues/events that host some open jazz jams. if you know of any, please let me know. i will be honored to be a part of this wonderful community in basschat. thank you for having me. - alex (gyrus @ BC) -
  12. since the start of this post, i have been checking my pocket all the time. thanks to whoever the buyer was and placed my GAS into rest... for a while. πŸ˜„ from the description, this is a fine EUB in a top condition. the buyer is lucky. πŸ‘
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