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  1. Hi! Here are the controls: - Stacked volume knobs for the neck (top) and bridge (bottom) pickups - Tone control knob Also, you click on the above hyperlink (on my topmost post) for the YT video of the specs... alternatively, here’s the link:
  2. Long post... I have never tried the FGN Magic Jazz, but I tried a few Fender J-basses (American, Mexican, and Japanese)... even Squiers... a Japanese Aerodyne PJ. Until now, I think they sounded great. Jazz basses are so common, that there are lots of materials on the internet about it, including how it sounds. I currently have a G&L SB-2 that sounds great as well. The things that I like in the SB-2 (which sets it apart from jazz basses and probably other brand’s basses) are: - MFD pickups - saddle-lock bridge - tapered tuners - the comfortable c-shaped neck - slim curves of the body I feel a little hesitant to comment further about the SB-2, because my SB-2 is currently on sale here in BC. Although, I can elaborate further if needed. You may ask... Why sell if I like an SB-2 that much?! It’s GAS! GAS is really bad.
  3. For Sale: Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer Bass Pedal - Made in Japan - Original box included - In very good condition Kindly see photos for reference. Feel free to send me a message anytime £80 posted to a UK address
  4. Using our bathroom scale, I weighed myself with and without the bass, and the weight difference was ranging between 3.8Kg and 3.9Kg.
  5. For Sale: G&L SB-2 - Made in the USA - 1996 - with OHSC In view of the current situation (and I don’t drive), collection in Stevenage will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to send me a message anytime. Specs rundown — Click any of the video links below: YouTube Video Sound Sample — Click the link below for: “Too Blind To See” by Robyn and the Hoods UPDATE: I searched for previous SB-2’s posted here in BC. Thus, I decided to lower the price. Previous price: £900 Current price: £830
  6. This pickup sounds amazing! This is what I have on my fretless.
  7. In line with the post above, will the £75 include the wiring, pots, and the postage? Tnx.
  8. 8/8/2017... happy 2nd year bass birthday! 🍻
  9. It will be Geddy Lee for me. His tone speaks for itself, and Rotosound plays a big role in it.
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