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  1. Just fancy a change really. Nothing against the cab, it's really nice.
  2. Oof thats one nice cab! If I can sell my current cab, I would defo be inclined!
  3. Cheers for the info guys. So if I'm correct in thinking, all will happen is it won't be as loud as if I used a 400w head?
  4. I'm thinking about changing my cab on my amp set up, but I'm a bit uncertain as to what to go for. I have a Mark Bass Little Mark 250 Black Line (250w) hooked up to a Eden EX112 cab (300w). I'd like to go for a Mark Bass cab, however all the cabs they make are rated at 400w. Would that be too big a gap between my 250w head unit and the cab? Thanks
  5. I've recently bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to start recording songs with a friend. I was getting a lot of electrical buzz from the rest of my computer when going from bass to interface via a jack cable, so I swapped to an XLR cable out of the back of my amp head. Now it all sounds really muffed and seems to have reverb on it. When I'm actually playing it sounds fine, bright and clear, but it's not translated to the actual recording. Does anyone know what could be happening here? Or anyway to fix it? Also could anyone give me some advice on shielding the interface so it doesn't get the electrical interference. Thanks guys!!
  6. Its so rare you ever see a MVP for sale. Man, I wish I could win the lottery! GLWTS!
  7. Exile252


    I was litterally just telling my friend how hard the MXR M80s are to come by! I used to own one and regret selling it. Coincidentally, the back also fell off mine too. Infact... PMed
  8. Are you able to re-upload the pictures?
  9. Hi is this still available and do you know if it would fit onto a MIM Jazz Bass? Thanks
  10. Whats the tuning on the B string set to with the hipshot? Does it go down to F#?
  11. Thanks for the extra pic. Are you look at any trades? Thanks
  12. Hi there, nice looking bass! Do you have any pictures of the back? I'm guessing this is passive?
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