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  1. Christ if this goes I may stick my jazz up.....bloody nice basses and I have no idea how you've kept that finish so pristine, mine looks it served a couple of terms in 'Nam
  2. Very true, maybe I've increased it's value!!
  3. Mine was until I smacked the headstock......
  4. I went to see Richard Strange last week and Paul Cuddeford was using an Elf through a Bareface cab. OK, he had PA support but I was amazed and very impressed with how good it sounded. I may pick one up SH just to have a play with, handy to keep in the car as a spare.
  5. The monthly blues jam last night. Not many jammers this month but a very appreciative audience...no other bassists, so the fingers are a bit achy today.
  6. Make sure everythig is stacked and packed and ready to load into the car Grab a bite to eat Programme the sat nav Any new numbers, re-listen on the way to the gig load in and set up Tune up Enjoy
  7. I have leads over 20- years old that are still going strong, treat them well and they will last.
  8. Spares of everything. Use a two cab rig so if a cab goes I'm covered Bass Amp Mic All leads then strings, batteries and a toolkit
  9. Whomever gets in the diary first gets me, and unless the earth is falling around my ears I do it.
  10. A no name precision that was gifted to me, must have been made out of solid marble is was so heavy. leant it to someone to learn on and I never saw it again..for shame. Amp was an old Selmer PA rig, god knows how I didn't blow it up. I was 14 and on a budget.
  11. A beauty, birthday bass....why do I have children ;-( GLWS
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