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  1. 4 hours ago, Kev said:

    Best value Dingwall on the market as well, solid bridge upgrade with these ones.  £1,500 odd really isn't bad at all.  I love the look of them, didn't enjoy playing them too much though.  Upper fret access is much better than the D Bird but still not great, and there's only 20.

    Don't see that as an issue myself. Don't spend ANY time up around the dusty end... 

  2. Yup, I’d go octave down into b:assmaster into filter and away you go! Great fun messing with these sorts of combinations. You’d probably be better off with a gated fuzz (mastotron or similar), but that shouldn’t stop you getting going.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Eldon Tyrell said:

    maybe it is subjectively better for you (more power to you) or maybe it is even objectively better (assuming you could somehow objectively define and measure what you mean by "better") but it will never be subjectively better for me. Won't be able to convince the voice in my head. 

    That's why I qualified my initial statement with IMHO, and YMMV... But having been on the "MUST HAVE WAL" merry-go-round and satiated that thirst to the tune of £550 (what I paid for my Wal), I wouldn't pay the going rate nowdays... But I'd happily pay the going rate for an ACG... 

  4. 1 hour ago, Bunion said:

    I’m looking for a Wal for the Wal tone and sound. I had thought about and have tried a few MM Bongo’s, I’ve heard sei’s that get close but when you have a sound in your head it’s in there for good. 
    The grass is always greener as they say.

    Besides after all these years lusting for one I’d better see what the fuss is about 😄


    That's fair enough, I'll say no more about ACG other than Alan's filter preamp and multi-coil pickups were designed based on the WAL setup, and an  Über spec ACG would be about half the price of a new WAL with MANY more options available... And a third of the build time (possibly less!)... OK I'll stop now...

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  5. Nicked this from that other site...


    Embassy with ultralites - looks ok to me, but each to his own...



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  6. 15 hours ago, Bunion said:

    1) Wal - not bought for that bit of extra cash you have lying around.


    If you're looking a WAL to say you've owned a WAL that's grand, but do yourself a favour and try an ACG as a possible alternative. I've owned a WAL (1983 Custom 4) and have found the 2 custom level ACGs I've owned to be head and shoulders above it in every respect. IMHO, YMMV, etc.

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  7. 19 hours ago, javi_bassist said:

    I played a gig on Saturday. Small venue, no amps, everything had to go to FOH. Guitarists and I (bass of course) have HX Stomps. While doing the soundcheck, the sound guy asked me if that was my sound, that it was really compressed. I've been using the same preset for many gigs and I never noticed anything. I don't know if the soundguy is not used to receive some "worked" signal or that my signal is not that good (even though it sounds good to me). My preset goes like this:


    Rochester comp (heavily compressed, ratio 10/1, but 35% of wet signal to have some parallel compression)->Simple pitch->Split at 120Hz (soft Teemah in the bass part, nothing above the 120Hz)->Signal merges again->Ampeg SVT4->IR->LA Comp (peak 2.5, mix 85%).


    The LA Comp was just not to have great peaks sent to FOH. I've been toying with the LA to set the peak at 1.5-1.6 to be more subtle. How do you use your compressors?

    You should have tried flicking the Lee Sklar patented DFA switch and ask if that was better?

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  8. 14 hours ago, Maude said:

    I've just been perusing a certain bass online, looking for decent images of the actual finish. Most online retailers have low quality generic pictures of the bass where, once zoomed, you just can't see any detail. 

    Not Peach Guitars, oh no. Their photos are consistently the best available on line. I discovered this when looking at the Jack Casady basses, and I've just been trying to see what the colours of the Embassy look like. All pretty meh until you look on Peach Guitar's website, the green is lovely and the almond, oh my! 


    Anyway, well done Peach Guitars for taking photos of the actual instruments rather than copy and pasting a poor, generic image. 


    PMT photo


    Peach photo



    Gee thanks... Now I want that Epiphone...


    Great pics indeed! I bought me HX Stomp from Peach and they were great to deal with.

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  9. 19 hours ago, BassYerbouti said:

    I will strip it down a bit more and look at the input jack closely and then have a chat with my local amp repair outfit but already I am getting the feeling it's time to start looking at something new.


    If your DI is getting a good signal then you've already ruled out the input jack being the issue. If I recall correctly there is one triode section (each valve has 2 triodes) after the effects loop on the Terror Bass (have the schematics here somewhere). Have you tried playing straight into the effects return and therefore bypassing the preamp? If so, try now swapping the 2 valves just to make sure the post effects loop triode hasn't gone bad.


    EDIT: Found schematics. Yes, DI and Effects loop are between the 3rd and 4th Triodes in the circuit, as is the volume control (volume is post DI and effects loop). It's still quite possible that this isn't a power amp problem. Try playing straight into the effects return, then swapping the valves around and repeating.


    EDIT2: Sorry - just noticed you've tried changing valves... Change of it being a valve greatly reduced then. Could still be a component failure somewhere around that 4th triode, but looking increasingly like the power amp. Contact orange. They MAY still have spares for it... Otherwise it's a valve preamp...

  10. Vintage ultra with fingers for me!


    As for the DG vs Tech21 argument I've always found the DG pedals to have an upper midrange fizz I couldn't dial out. I've owned the B3K, Vintage, B7K and Vintage Ultra. None of them worked for me. The amp (900v1) was a different story. The tone control in the drive section was a total game changer. 


    However none of them could compete with the Tech21 dUg pedal. It's out of this world. Gone beyond all buying unfortunately.


    I'd maybe like to try an X7 or X Ultra at some point, but at the minute the HX Stomp is scratching all pedal itches...


    As an aside, from a quick look at early versions of the DG schematics they owe more than a little to the design of the Tech21 Bass Driver in how they shape their tone...

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  11. 15 hours ago, Nicko said:

     Are you talking about a real synth or are you looking for something virtual?


    There are free synths such as Dexed VST that have a huge library of presets.  Also since its a DX7 emulator you should be able to recreate any setting for a song with a DX7 if you can find the setting on line somewhere.  Theres definitely a few youtube vids showing settings for some songs.

    Awesome - thanks @Nicko. I'm at the stage now where I don't even know what I don't know, but even a quick search for Dx7 on youtube brings up useful videos that I could use with your suggested plugin!

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